Sound Business Model

Our Business Model
Points to Ponder
• What do our hospital partners expect from our
hospitalist teams?
• How does Sound report to the hospital in order
to demonstrate that these expectations are being
• What data and infrastructure does Sound provide
you in order to meet these expectations?
Our Business Model
•Each program has a design range that allows for manageable
encounters of 12 – 15 patients at 7 am
• Patients are at the center
• Manageable encounters allows you to deliver optimal care (to both
the hospital and patients) while preserving the viability of “the
• Provides time for physicians to contribute to the service and quality
within Sound Physicians and our Partner Hospitals
• Physician career sustainability is key to our long-term success
•This is our “value equation” - our hospital partners’ motivation to
“invest” in the program
The Hospital Payment
•The hospital’s payment is
~35% essential:
• Supports our vision, mission and
• Hospital pays for us all to deliver
on performance improvement
• Hospital investment is 35-40% per
• This investment creates a
manageable day for you
Sound Physicians Business Model
• Hospital’s expectations in exchange for their investment
• Physicians who care about the hospital’s well being
• Alignment with goals
• High-quality service
• Efficiency, outcomes
• Superior support
• Remember our Vision
• Be the unmatched leader in improving quality and reducing the
cost of healthcare for patients in the communities we serve