virgin diet presentation

Philosophy Behind the Plan
• We crave what we are most intolerant to.
• Intolerant foods cause gut inflammation
which leak out into the rest of the body
– Cause an auto-immune response
• Food intolerance is not fixed and is
• IgG reaction (slower, food-sensitivity)
Foods to Avoid
• Gluten—30-40% intolerant, maybe as much as 70%
– Lectins-binds to insulin receptors
– Phytates-makes minerals bio-unavailable
• Dairy—promotes insulin resistance, acne, and bone
– The more processed the worse it is, antibiotics, hormones
• Soy—new to the human diet
Disrupts hormones as a phyto-estrogen
Impairs thyroid function
Genetically modified
Overly processed
Asian food as a condiment and fermented
• Corn—pro-inflammatory/high-glycemic/not a
One of the most genetically modified
Host to 22 different fungi
High in lectins
Symptoms: hives, rashes, migraines, joint pain, mood
disorders, temporary depression, insomnia, eczema,
fatigue, hyperactivity in children, night sweats, dark
circles around the eyes, repeated ear infections, UTI,
– Corn starch, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn
• Eggs
– White part is the allergen
– Might be more of what they are fed
• Peanuts-legume
– Aflatoxin (mold)—toxic.
– Peanut oil-atherogenic (arterial plaque)
– High in phytic acid and lectins
• Sugar-140lb/year
Insulin metabolism disruptor
Increase yeast production
Feeds bacteria
Dampens immune function
Artificial sugar worse than natural
Gluten Alternatives
• Gluten free flours
– All-purpose (ArrowMills/Trader Joe’s)
– Mungbean
– Almond meal/flour
– Garbanzo bean flour
– Brown Rice flour
Dairy Alternatives
• Milk
– Coconut, Almond, Rice, Hemp
• Daiya
– Non Dairy cheese
• Ghee
– Clarified Butter
• Coconut Oil
Sugar Alternatives
Maple Syrup
Dark Chocolate (70% or higher)
All must be used in small amounts and not at
all first three weeks
How to Begin
• Week One—7lbs in 7 days
– 2 meals/day with Virgin shake
– Snack should be small handful of raw nuts and/or fruit
– Third meal should be ¼ lean meat, ¼ healthy fats, 1/8
high fiber, low-glycemic carbs, rest nonstarchy
– Meats should be wild, organic, free-range and grass
• Will crave what intolerant to most
• Recommend sweet squashes and sweet potatoes
(especially chips) to survive sugar loss
10% of your body weight.
Keep it with you at all times
Less from a bottle
Best to not drink when eating and drink 1
hour before you eat.
• Adding flavoring with the exception of real
fruit makes it no longer water.
• Week Two & Three
– One shake for breakfast
– Snack if needed
• Nuts
– Lunch
Salad is great
Protein from night before
Pumpkin seed/sunflower seed
Balsamic vinegrette
– Snack if needed
• Apple (sunflower seed butter)
– Trader Joe’s
– Same dinner as week 1
Living Well-Kinston
Health Habit-Kinston/Goldsboro
Trader Joe’s-Raleigh/Wilmington
Whole Foods-Raleigh/Wilmington
Fresh Market-Greenville/Wilmington/Raleigh
Harris Teeter
Lowe’s Foods