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Anglo-Saxon Poetry Example
I make this song c
about me full sadly
my own wayfaring. e
I a woman tell
what griefs I had s
since I grew up
new or old
more than now.
Ever I know
athe dark of my exile.
First my lord went out
away from his people
over the wave-tumult kenning I grieved each dawn
wondered where my lord
my first on earth might be.
Then I went forth
a friendless exile
To seek service
in my sorrow’s need.
A l l i t e r a t i o n
Example #2: Lex Luther is
Superman’s antagonist.
Yo, Macbeth!
Let’s go! Who
you talking to?
Ballads tell stories of the ordinary people.
Ballad Example: The song “Barbara Allan” is one of
the most famous English ballads.
Techniques writers use to develop
characters. Three types:
•Physical Characterization –The characters’
physical appearance
•Psychological Characterization—The characters’
thoughts and feelings
•Social Characterization—How the characters relate
to other characters.
All of the above can occur through the
author’s use of two methods of
•Direct Characterization—When an author makes a
direct statement about a character’s nature.
•Indirect Characterization—When the author allows
the reader to draw his or her own conclusions about
the nature of a character.