Catapult - Lead

What is a catapult?
How can you use a catapult?
When was it created?
A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a
projectile a great distance without the aid of
explosive devices
Catapults have been used to destroy castle
walls, used in warfare, and have been used
recreationally in modern times
 Pumpkin Toss
The NXT Microphone will be used to activate the
firing mechanism by shouting “FIRE”
The NXT motor will be used as the mechanism
that launches the catapult
You are to try to hit the target that is on the
Every time you hit the target, you will get a
The more often you hit the target, you double
your prize
NXT Catapult
Several parts of the catapult can be adjusted to produce
different throwing angles and distances. By changing
the position of the two dark gray angled beams near
the top of the frame, you can force the throwing arm to
stop in a different position, which will change the
angle of the throw.
You can also adjust the length of the throwing arm, the
position of the pivot point on the lever, and other
things. Can you make any adjustments that make it
throw any farther?