The Catapult Project

The Catapult Project
OBJECTIVE: Build a catapult that launches a balloon that hits your beloved teacher resting upon his
throne, looking disdainfully down at you.
DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: You must build a catapult. That is, an object that has an arm to fling the
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receive no credit. If you have a question about the legality of your design bring in your
catapult and ask me.
Basically, any type of catapult is legal.
You may work in groups of 2 to 3. If you smell really bad you may work alone. Under no
circumstances shall anyone work in a group of 4.
You must build a CATAPULT balloon launcher.
No test launches while others are competing. Practice before launch day.
You get 3 shots. If you decide to throw a balloon a someone, that counts as one of your shots.
If I allow you to take a third shot, don’t expect me to sit there and get hit by the balloon or give
you credit.
Building, designing, and testing is up to each group.
Turn in a rough sketch of your catapult by October 18.
We will have only one launch day--November 1. If your group misses that day then you lose
100 points.
Each group will launch separately as called upon from the 12 yard line.
100 points -- if you hit me
You lose 1 point for every 0.5 meter you miss me by .
10 feet
22 yards
3 yards