Hosts Marika, Peter and Erik Larsson

Marika, Peter and Erik Larsson
Details of the VMS barn
Milking equipment:
2 x VMS stations
1 x DeLaval DXCE 8,600 litre cooling tank
Feed management:
Silage with approx. 40% clover.
Storage: Horizontal silo
Some part maize that is stored in silage tube
Feed system: Belt feed distributor
Concentrated feed: 6 concentrated feed stations AlfaFeed. Top feeder in VMS
Calf feeding system:
DeLaval calf feeder where the calves come after three weeks in the calf hutch
Other equipment:
Manure system: Open manure channels with DeltaMaster as well as flow in the
Storage: 1 manure container, volume 3 600 m3
Fittings: DeLaval cubicle CC1800 with rubber mattresses
Ventilation: Open ridge vents, self-ventilation
Size of barn:
25 m x 48 m
Construction year:
Construction costs:
SEK 8.2 million including manure container as well as horizontal silo. Cost/place:
SEK 57,000
Recruitment barn:
New barn for recruitment are under construction. Cubicles as well as channel
formed by feeder table. Deep bedding for livestock up to 6 months.
Erik Larsson’s views:
"1. Choosing VMS was absolutely right. We have gained more flexible work and
greater freedom.
2. Poured asphalt in the manure channels has been good, no spot damage, but
after 5 years we intend to switch to rubber mats.”
New VMS barn at Mälhammar Gård (Mälhammar Farm), Kvicksund
VMS = Voluntary Milking System
Information about the farm
Visitors’ room
The visitor’s room with separate entrance is under construction.
Name of farm:
Mälhammar Gård
Number of cows:
Peter och Erik Larsson
9 500 kg ECM
Mälhammar Gård,
SE - 640 45 Kvicksund
150 animals
Number of milkings / day / cow:
Milk volume / day / cow:
31 kg
Number of inseminations/gestation:
Calving interval:
12.5 months
Age of heifers at calving:
26 months
Contact person:
Direction to the farm
From Stockholm:
Take the E20 towards Eskilstuna. After Eskilstuna take the turning towards Västerås. At the roundabout,
head straight towards Tunbo. After approx. 3 km, pass the church on the left. Head left at the signpost for
Västerby. After the viaduct, turn right. Continue down this road for approx. 3 km and you are there.
För mer information om utrustning för mjölkproduktion se: (från Sverige) (från utlandet)
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Milk production
Peter Larsson
160 hectares (395 acres) + 100
hectares (247 acres) of pasture,
own as well as leased land
100 hectare (272 acres) of forest
Plan of VMS barn at Mälhammar, Kvicksund
New-born calves to calf hutch, after
3 weeks they are moved to the
calf feeder area.
Bedding unit, mixed wood shavings
as well as 33% turf litter.
New recruitment stalls under construction.
Deep bedding boxes for livestock up to six
months, thereafter cubicles.
Bedding and
feed preparation
Interior of the barn.
Maria Ahlin pleased with the VMS milkings.
Maria and Peter see high value in the
individual follow-up/cow.
The feed table with belt feed distributor.
Peter Larsson has efficiently solved
the bedding work.
Loading roughage into the mixer.
Milk tank DXCE 8,600 litres.
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