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Limos come in many different
Oh, wait we mean the cow!!!
• The history of the breed is as old as the
continent of Europe.
• Cave drawings have been found near
France that are over 20,000 years old.
• They had a similar shape to the Limousin.
• These gold-red cattle are native to southern
• They were introduced to America in the late
• The first Limousin bulls did not come till late
A Bull Limousin
This breed of cow calves all year
round which makes it a good
breeding cattle.
In some countries Limousin cattle
are bred with oxen. There is really
no reason for doing this…
HAHA! Anyway…..back to the cows!
Limousin cattle spent the majority of
their time outdoors in the harsh climate
of the region.
Limousin gained a well-earned
reputation as work animals in addition
to their beef qualities.
• The animals original climate and terrain
was a hash rocky climate with harsh
• Limousin cattle, as a result of their
environment, evolved into a breed of
unusual sturdiness, health and
• The are red in color. Some times goldenred.
• The Limousin’s that were bred with oxen,
the new breed was much taller and had
much more muscle on their hindquarters.
They were a bad choice to make, they
cost to much to feed.
• Limousin breeders admitted their mistake
and then concentrated upon improving the
breed through natural selection.
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