Toxic Plants

Toxic Plants-Buffalobur
• Annual Forb
• Reproduces by seeds
• Located in Sandy soils in
feedlots, corrals,
overgrazed pastures,
• Poison is alkaloids, swine
eat berries, leaves and
roots, stiff spines can
cause mechanical injury
Toxic Plants-Wild Cherry Leaves
Toxic Plants-Cocklebur
• Annual Forb
• Reproduces by Seed
• Poison:
– Harmful to all classes
of livestock in
cotyledonary stage.
Poison is
Hydroquinone. Seeds
are not eaten once
burrs present
Toxic Plants-Dogbane Hemp
• Perennial Forb
• Reproduces: Seed and
• Height 1-3 ft
• Poisoning: Contains
resins and glycosides.
Cattle and horse rarely
eat when green but
will consume in hay
Toxic Plants-Horsetail
• Perennial-grass-like
• Reproduces by rhizomes
and spores
• Located in river banks,
meadows, low areas in
• Poison-20% of field
known to cause scours
,paralysis and occasionally
death in cattle and horses
Toxic Plants-Jimson Weed
• Datura-common names,
thornapple, moonflower
• Annual forb
• Found in flood plains, old
feedlots, waste area
• Poison-Contains several
alkaloids, can kill in hay
or silage. Ingestion of 4
grams or seed or leaf
material is fatal dose for a
Toxic Plants-Kochia
• Annual Forb
• Reproduction : Seeds
• Located in pastures
and fields
• Poisoning with high
nitrate levels, and is
linked to
Toxic Plant-Black Nightshade
• Annual Forb
• Reproduces by seeds
• Located in roadsides,
gardens, farm fields
• Poison: Berries and plant
parts contain alkaloid
solanidine, causes
gastrointestinal irritation
and possible death, also
toxic when dry
Toxic Plants-Alsike Clover
• Perennial legume
• Used in pasture mixes
• Poisoning:
gastrointestinal, mild
colic and diarrhea,
• No problems in hay
Toxic Plants-Black Locust
Tree, moderate size, rough bark
Dangerous parts are leaves,
especially wilted leaves, seed pods,
inner bark, young shoots
Poison includes toxic robitin both
glycoside, and alkaloid, affects
gastointestinal and nervous systems,
causes depression, poor appetite,
generalized weakness, abdominalo
pain and abnormal heart rates, can
cause death
Toxic Plant-Castor Bean
• Annual Woody Herb
• Reproduces by Seeds
• Common in flower
• Poison in seeds,
contains ricin and is a
cytotoxin, causes
abdominal pain
Toxic Plant-Horseweed(Maretail)
Annual Native Forb
Reproduces by seeds
Height 1.5-3 ft
Located in pastures and
disturbed sites
• Poisoning by volatile oils,
tannic acid, garlic acid,
causes skin and mucosal
irritations in horses and
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