The Old Spanish Trail

The Old Spanish Trail
By Shannon
The Old Spanish Trail
• This trail started at Santa Fe.
• This trail ended at Los Angles.
• This trail is 1,110 miles long.
Cites Along The Way
• It does not go through any cities but it
goes through these states: California,
Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Packing For The Trail
• Some things they had to bring where a
wagon, horses, cows, hens, farm tools,
tents, and blankets.
Dangers Along The Way
• Snakes
• Native Americans
• Animals
• Colorado River
• Very narrow paths
Person Along The Way
• Jedediah Smith was the first person to get
from the Great Salt Lake to Southern
California by land route. He used some of
the paths made by Spanish explores.
Interesting Facts
• During that time Mexican traders traded
woolen goods with new Mexico and
• This trail split into two routes, a north route
and a south route.
• There are still wagon ruts visible where the
trail used to be.
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