The Santa Fe Trail

The Santa Fe Trail
Where it Starts
► The
trail starts in New Mexico.
► It ends in Missouri.
► It was about 780 miles long.
The Cities Along The Way
► They
really didn’t go through any cities but
they went through states. The states are
New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and
Things They Brought
► They
brought wagons, horse, cows, hens,
farm tools, blankets, clothes, feather beds,
lantern, shotguns, cooking tools, tin cups,
and plates.
The Dangers Along The Way
► They
had to walk on the side of the wagon
because there was no room in the wagon.
It got muddy and they would get stuck.
When it snowed it would sink on the wagon
► The
land they went through was very rocky
and had many mountains. They went
through a desert where there was no water.
A Person Along The Way
► William
She opened the Santa Fe Trail in 1821.
Becknell and a group of five men began
their travels in Franklin, Missouri. He
followed the Arkansas river west to the
rocky mountains.
Extra Facts
► They
traded their goods for burros, horses,
furs, gold, and silver.
► Wagons could hold more than two tons of
goods and supplies.
► Some wagons had wheels as tall as six feet.
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