The Old Spanish Trail

The Old Spanish Trail
Tyler B
The States It Crossed Was
• Old Spanish Trail The
trail starts in Los
Angeles and ends at
Santa Fe.
It goes through
California, Nevada,
and Utah.
States It Crossed
• California ,Nevada, Utah
The Supplies They Need
• They need food, water, tents, clothes,
blankets, a wagon, shotgun, tin cups, and
some farm tools cows and hens
Dangers Along The Trail
• There was biting insects and snakes
dangerous animals and storms
Problems On The Trail
• Narrow Trails and storms
A Person Known For Traveling this
• He was first to get from the Great Salt
Lake. He used some of the paths made
by Spanish explorers. He led the first pack
train along paths that would become the
Old Spanish Trail
The Author That Wrote The Book
• How I survived the Oregon Trail by Suzan
• The Old Spanish Trail
Dean, Arlan. The Old Spanish Trail. first. New York, NY:
The Rosen Publishing Group, 2003. Print.
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