Reading 6B Distant Realms

Reading 6B
As Full as the World
Distant Realms
(Lessons 98–117)
Vocabulary—Context Sentences
Lesson 99
1. Houses and cars were buried under the avalanche of
snow that came down the mountain.
2. Sam ambled down the road, forgetting that he was
late for supper.
Champion in Truth
Lesson 101
1. I was unable to answer questions about my fifth
birthday because I had only a vague memory of it.
2. Autumn is an opportune time to take a family trip,
since the vacation sites are not as crowded.
3. The campers in my cabin decided to venture to take
the roughest hiking trail on the campsite.
Champion in Truth
Lesson 102
1. Pastor Tipton did not disclose to us the amount of
money the donor gave for the building project.
2. The referee and the coach had an encounter to
discuss the call that was just made.
3. My footsteps reverberated as I walked down the
concrete hallway.
Oliver Twist
Lesson 104
1. My dad is a staunch supporter of the university where
he received his education.
2. It was ludicrous to think that the six-foot-tall man
expected to fit in the kiddie bumper cars.
3. With the meagre supply of bullets, he knew the battle
could not last long.
Oliver Twist
Lesson 105
1. The insolent girl argued with her mother after being
2. We loitered in the living room after the guests arrived,
not sure whether Mom and Dad wanted us to stay.
3. The play director demanded that our words be loud
and coherent.
The Open Road
Lesson 107
1. Ian strutted into the room with the pompous air of one
who thinks he is very important.
2. Jocelyn was preoccupied with her knitting and did not
hear my question.
3. Nicky squandered his money on candy and soda and
had none left over to save.
The Open Road
Lesson 108
1. Maria consulted her parents before accepting the part
in the school play.
2. Because the Wilsons’ house was unredeemable after
the fire, they built a new one.
3. The evening art class is offered exclusively to those
who have shown superior abilities.
Worth More Than Sparrows
Lesson 110
1. Mom replaced the drab curtains in my room with
more colorful ones.
Dream of Light
Lesson 113
1. After the earthquake, policemen patrolled the streets
to prevent the looting of stores.
2. Lisa’s smile seemed superficial to Michael since she
had just said something mean about him.
3. The man hitchhiking on the side of the road was
carrying a sign that told where he wanted to go.
Dream of Light
Lesson 114
1. My dad had to get a visa to cross the borders of
European countries.
2. Lora has a job translating for Chinese students who
can’t speak English.
3. My mother told me explicitly to go to the store and
then to come straight home.
Literature Lesson: Theme
Lesson 116
1. It was hard not to reveal to Dad what Mom got him for
2. I am more inclined to spend my free time reading
than playing board games.
3. The speaker was so engaging that I didn’t realize an
hour had passed since the program began.