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Rev. James E. Frazier, II
Mosby Memorial Baptist Church
2901 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23223
June 26, 2013
The Walls of Jerusalem
• Babylonian Conquest
of and Campaigns
Against Jerusalem
and Judah
• Jerusalem in the
Times of Ezra and
Sheep Gate
• Also known as
Stephen’s Gate or
the Lions Gate.
• See John 5:1-9.
Fish Gate
• Christian tradition
states Simon of
Cyrene entered
Jerusalem through
the Fish Gate
before he was
compelled to carry
the cross for Jesus
(Mark 15:21, Luke
Old Gate
• Also known as the
Mishneh Gate.
• Some believe it is
the Corner Gate of
2 Kings 14:13, 2
Chr. 26:9 and Zech.
Ephraim Gate
• Sometimes referred
to as the Gennath
Gate, the Garden
Gate or the Middle
Valley Gate
• See 2 Chr. 26:9
Dung Gate
• Also called the
Refuse Gate,
Essene Gate, Gate
of the Westerners
or Moroccans
(Moors) Gate.
• May be the same as
the Potsherd Gate
(Jer. 19:2).
• It is close to the
present Dung Gate.
Fountain Gate (Gate of the
• So named because
water was brought
in through it from
the Gihon or Enrogel Spring (Neh.
2:14, 3:15, 12:47).
• May be the same as
the ‘gate between
the two walls’ (2
Kings 25:4).
Water Gate
• Booths were placed
here for the Feast
of Tabernacles in
444 B.C. (Neh.
• Site where Ezra
read the law (Neh.
Horse Gate
• Where Queen
Athaliah was killed
(2 Kings 11:16, 2
Chr. 23:15).
East Gate (Also referred to as the
Potsherd, Refuse or Dung Gate)
• The main entrance
to the temple. It
was kept shut
because the Lord
entered through it.
Only the prince
was allowed to
enter (Ezek. 44:13).
• It was opened on
the Sabbath and on
the new moon
(Ezek. 46:1).
Muster Gate (Guard Gate)
• Other possible
names are Gate of
Miphkad, Inspection
Gate, Watch Gate,
Prison Gate or
Benjamin Gate.
• Draftees were
thought to gather
there to enlist for
military service.
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