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This is Lantmännen
Lantmännen is one of the largest Groups in the
food, energy, machinery and agriculture
industries in the Nordic region.
Lantmännen today
Group President and CEO:
Per Strömberg
Chairman of the Board:
Thomas Bodén
Net sales 2009 (SEK):
35 billion
Profit after net financial items
85 million
Owned by around 37,000
Swedish farmers
Has over 10,000 employees
Operates in 18 countries
Our mission
“To contribute to the profitability
of our owners' farms and to
maximize the return on our
owners’ capital”
Our vision
“We make the most of our
land to provide all possibilities
for a healthier life”
Lantmännen’s business concept
“With our customers in focus, we
develop and process farmland
resources in a responsible
“Lantmännen operates in an
international market in which
Sweden constitutes the
foundation for the Group’s
Lantmännen’s Group strategies
1. Create business opportunities for Lantmännen’s owners
2. Focus on core businesses
3. Increase cost effectiveness through continuous improvement activities
4. Develop strong brands
5. Develop the product portfolio through active research and development
6. Improve cooperation with our customers
7. Sustainable development
8. Employees and organization
From field to fork
• Our ambition is to take responsibility from field to fork.
• One of our most important missions is producing safe and healthy food.
Through our involvement with the entire agricultural chain, we can also take
responsibility for the product’s origin, contents and quality in a way that is
”We take responsibility
from field to fork”
Raw material production
Research and Development –
Lantmännen R&D
• R&D is a central resource for
Lantmännen, with specialized
competence in research and
development issues.
• R&D implements new knowledge
and research in the businesses by
means of reference groups in
projects, forums and seminars.
Lantmännen stands for Good food
Good food is inspected and responsibly produced,
and we’ve made an effort to produce it in a
sustainable way.
Good food should promote flavor and health.
Lantmännen has three unique characteristics that
together make it possible for us to have an impact
and work towards providing consumers with Good
1. We are owned by Swedish farmers.
2. Our strategic work with research and development
and sustainable development.
3. We have operations throughout the entire value
chain – from field to fork.
Well-known brands
Lantmännen’s organizational chart
Internal Audit
Group President
Strategy & Business
Development, R&D
Legal Affairs
Supply chain
Lantmännens’ 2009 net sales
– percentage per sector
Agriculture sector 30%
Food sector 42%
Machinery sector 19%
Energy sector 9%
Agriculture sector
In the agriculture sector we gather
businesses which develop and offer
products and services that contribute
to creating strong and competitive
Businesses within the Agriculture sector
• Lantmännen Lantbruk develops, manufactures and sells a
comprehensive range of feed for livestock production under such
brands as Nötfor, Piggfor, Pullfor and Protect.
• Lantmännen Lantbruk offers consumables in the crop production
area, such as seed, plant nutrients and crop protection products.
• Lantmännen Lantbruk purchases and sells grain and oil plants to
customers in the feed, energy and food industries in Sweden and
• The salesforce is nationwide in Sweden.
• Lantmännen Lantbruk operates on its own as well as in partnership
in countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and the
Baltic States.
Businesses within the Agriculture sector
• Lantmännen SW Seed produces, markets and sells varieties of
seed, both in its own and as a representative. The company is one
of the leading plant breeding and seed companies in Europe, with
its own breeding operations in Sweden, Germany and the
• Lantmännen Krafft develops and sells nutrition products for horses,
and the company is the market leader in the Swedish horse feed
• Lantmännen Bygglant designs and builds agricultural buildings and
Agriculture sector
Key figures
Net sales, MSEK
Operating profit/loss, MSEK
Operating margin, %
Machinery sector
Within the Machinery sector we have
gathered our businesses within
construction and agricultural
Machinery sector
• Lantmännen Maskin sells agricultural machinery in Scandinavia
under brands such as Valtra, Fendt and Claas.
• Swecon is a dealer for Volvo’s construction equipment in Sweden,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and central Germany.
• The companies have market-leading positions in the markets for
tractors, combines and construction equipment.
Machinery sector
Key figures
Net sales, MSEK
Operating profit/loss, MSEK
Operating margin, %
Energy sector
Lantmännen Energy is one of
Sweden’s leading bioenergy
companies in the production of
renewable energy and green industrial
products. Its products include fuel
ethanol, spirits, biodiesel, starch,
protein feed, district heating, wood
pellets and alkylate petrol. The brands
are called Aspen, Agrol and Reppe.
The customers are mainly in Northern
Europe and include everyone from
consumers to major international
Businesses within the Energy sector
• Lantmännen Agroetanol is the only large-scale producer and
supplier of grain-based fuel ethanol in Sweden. Its customers are
the large oil companies that produce low ethanol blended petrol.
The ethanol plant is also the largest producer of protein ingredients
for feed in Sweden.
• Lantmännen Ecobränsle develops, manufactures and supplies
biodiesel based on rapeseed oil, i.e. RME.
Businesses within the Energy sector
• Lantmännen Agroenergi manufactures, supplies and markets refined biofuels,
such as wood pellets, briquettes and wood powder, under the Agrol brand, which
is the market leader in Sweden.
The company also operates around 30 small district heating plants and other
heating plants. Over 90 percent of the heat they supply comes from biofuels and
waste heat.
• Lantmännen Aspen develops, manufactures and markets alkylate petrol under
the Aspen brand. Alkylate petrol is an environmentally-adapted petroleum fuel for
small motors such as lawn mowers, power saws and small boats. The company is
a market leader in 14 European countries.
• Lantmännen Reppe processes wheat for food products, including glucose syrup
and starch. The company is also one of the largest distilleries in the Nordic region
and produces spirits for the drinks industry.
Energy sector
Key figures
Net sales, MSEK
Operating profit/loss, MSEK
Operating margin, %
Food sector
Within the Food sector we gather
businesses within the areas of flour,
breakfast foods, pasta, fresh and
frozen bread, chicken, ready-meal
concepts and
dog and cat food.
Businesses within the Food sector
• Lantmännen Unibake
• Lantmännen Cerealia
• Lantmännen Kronfågel
• Lantmännen Doggy
Food sector – Lantmännen Unibake
Lantmännen Unibake is the largest
manufacturer of bread products for
both the food service and grocery
sectors in Northern Europe.
Food sector – Lantmännen Unibake
• Lantmännen Unibake targets customers all over the world. It
develops and markets products for the food service and grocery
sectors under its main areas: Bread, Fast Food,
Danish Pastries and Croissants.
• Lantmännen Unibake is the world’s largest producer of Danish
pastries, and operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland,
Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, the UK, the USA, Japan,
Korea and Spain.
• Some of its well-known brands are Korvbrödsbagarn, Hatting,
Schulstad Bake Off and Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry.
Food sector – Lantmännen Cerealia
Lantmännen Cerealia gathers the
majority of the Group’s brands in the
areas of flour, breakfast products,
mixes, pasta and ready-meal
Food sector – Lantmännen Cerealia
• Lantmännen Cerealia’s customers are the grocery trade,
restaurants, catering, bakeries, wholesalers and the food industry.
• Its home markets are Sweden, Norway and Denmark, although it
also has significant sales in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland,
Russia and Ukraine.
• Some of Lantmännen Cerealia’s brands are AXA, Kungsörnen,
Start, Amo, Kornkammeret, AXA Kornkammaren, Regal, Gooh,
Nord Mills, HavneMøllerne and GoGreen. The majority of these are
• Here we also operate AXA Sports Club, which is a sports
association with 40,000 members in Sweden and Norway. The aim
is to inform about the importance of a balanced diet for people’s
health and performance.
Food sector – Lantmännen Kronfågel
Lantmännen Kronfågel is the largest
producer of chicken in the Nordic
countries, with market-leading
positions in Sweden and Denmark.
Food sector – Lantmännen Kronfågel
• Lantmännen Kronfågel is the largest producer of chicken in the Nordic
countries, with market-leading positions in Denmark and Sweden.
Customers are within the grocery, catering and food industries.
• Lantmännen Kronfågel’s products are marketed under brands such as
Kronfågel, Danpo, Ivars and Kronfågel Stinas.
• Good care for the animals, stringent inspections at all stages and
careful handling of the products are the foundation of Lantmännen
Kronfågel’s work.
• Lantmännen SweHatch supplies newly-hatched chicks to breeders on the
Swedish and export markets. The business is integrated in Lantmännen
Food sector – Lantmännen Doggy
• Lantmännen Doggy is the Swedish market leader in cat and dog
food. Customers are specialized retail and the grocery sector.
• Well-known brands are Mjau, Doggy, Bozita, Robur and Katty.
• Lantmännen Doggy’s home markets include Sweden, Norway,
Finland, Germany and Russia.
• When developing new products, a customer with six legs has to be
satisfied: four legs represent the dog or cat, and two legs represent
the owner.
• At Kennel Zwazzbazz and the cattery Tassalyckan there are
animal panels which test taste and function.
Food sector
Key figures
Net sales, MSEK
Operating profit/loss, MSEK
Operating margin, %
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