Jane Donson

Jane Donson
Case #132566D
Mallory Lehr
Jane Donson
• 19 Years old
• Both mother & maternal grandmother were
affected by schizophrenia (institutionalized
most of their adulthood)
• She wants to be tested so she can prepare for
her future.
• Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and
disabling brain disorder that has affected
people over time.
– May hear voices
– May believe people are controlling them or
reading their minds
– May see things that other people do not see
– Anxiety & abnormal behavior
– Do not make sense when they are talking
• Treatment helps relieve many symptoms of
schizophrenia, but most people who have the
disorder cope with symptoms throughout
their lives.
• Schizophrenia can be detected at an early age,
but commonly onset in adulthood
• There is no know cause & no official cure for
the mental disorder.
Schizophrenia is known to be genetic, but is neither dominator or recessive. A
member of the family may have it, but that does not mean that you will have
3 Questions
• How do you help someone cope with
– In order to deal successfully with schizophrenia
and help your family member, it’s important to:
• accept the illness and its difficulties
• be realistic in what you expect of the person with
schizophrenia and of yourself
• maintain a sense of humor
3 Questions
• How can people with Schizophrenia live normal
– There are medications that can relieve some of
the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Some of these
medications may help the person to focus and
communicate with others, lowering their anxiety
level. This can help the person hold a job or just
live normally within a society.
3 Questions
• When do you turn to institutionalized
– Institutionalized programs should be the last
option for someone with Schizophrenia. You
should only turn to these programs if the affect
person or the persons taking care of the affect
person can not live a functional life.
Case Recommendation
• Jane has a history of family members with
schizophrenia. This does not mean that she will
100% get it, however she wants to take whatever
steps she can to plan for her future. She knows
that their will be a possible battle with this
debilitating disease. My recommendation for
Jane is to see a genetic counselor to talk about
the possibilities and how to mentally and
emotionally prepare. The only other thing she
can do is wait and see if she develops
schizophrenia and take the next steps to deal
with the symptoms.
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