Animal Cops Houston

(animal cops save animals from neglect and cruelty)
Animal cops jobs
Animal cops prevent animal cruelty and
neglect by investigating places all over
 They send many people to jail for
purposefully abusing an animal.
 As animal cops you will sometimes pick up
 However being an animal cop can be very
dangerous you never know when you will
run into people who will attack or even
What happens when the
investigations take place
Animal cops will get over 10,000 calls a
year for animal abuse.
 For people that purposefully harm the
animals they will be sent into court for
the investigation.
 When the animals get to the SPCA they
will be put into immediate care.
One of the animals they rescued was a
little kitten who managed to get stuck in
an elevated freeway on November 3,
2012. The kitten was immediately taken
to the SPCA for comfort and care
Ththuuhuihiuh((This is not the kitten
they saved
Page 2 of investigations
November 12, 2012 The SPCA saved some
horses who were horribly emeciated, (very
skinny), and they took the horses
immediately to the SPCA where they cared
for the horses and soon after found loving
homes for them
(This is not the horse they saved
Meet the cops
Charles Jantzen
Shawn Sundberg
Bob Mckintock
(there ARE many more)
Charles Jantzen
Charles Jantzen has worked for
the SPCA for 9 years. He has had
to go to three different schools to
be able to be an animal cop. His
team of 8 investigates 15,000
cases in an area of 8,000 square
Shawn Sundberg
Shawn was born and raised in Iowa and
moved to Texas soon after her High
School years. She lived in Dallas for
about 6 years. She also worked in the
entertainment industry for 13 years. She
started working for the SPCA in 2006
and still today is working there.
Bob McCintock
Bob was a federal investigator for over 20
years. But Bob watched animal cops
Houston on the television and became
interested in becoming an animal cop. One
day he got online to their website and just his
luck there was an opening for a animal
cruelty investigator. Bob believes he has two
parts for his job part 1-protecting the animals,
part 2-educating people on the proper care
for animals.
Randy Farmer
Randy Farmer grew up on in a farm in Illinois
because the animals there were part of his
family. He was involved in FFA where I was the
Chapter Officer and Section Officer. In college,
he majored in law enforcement which combined
with his love for animal welfare and gave him
the passion to help those who are being treated
inhumanely. As a cruelty investigator for the
Houston SPCA, he feels immense self
satisfaction by making a difference not just for
the animals, but to the people as well. It is very
gratifying to see an animal go from a bad
situation into a loving, permanent home.