Bill of Materials Powerpoint

Now that I built it, How
much did it Cost?
Bill of Materials in Agricultural Power
Dale Cruzan III
What is a Bill of Materials?
a list and description of all the
materials to be used in
constructing a project
Bill of Materials
Used to determine
the material that
must be
assembled for a
project and its
estimated cost
What should be included in a bill
of materials?
Item or part name
Number of Pieces
Type of Material
Size of Pieces
Description of Parts
Total Feet
Unit Cost
An Example
Board Feet
• A board foot is an amount of wood equal
to a board 1 inch thick, 1 foot wide, and 1
foot long.
• A board foot is also 144 cubic feet
Calculating Board Feet
Board Foot=
Thickness (in) x Width (in) x Length (in)
Pricing Materials
• Lumber is priced by the thousand board
• For example, $900 per 1,000 board feet
• To determine the price per board foot,
$900/1000 = $.90