Normal Anatomic Landmarks of The Mandible

Normal Anatomic Landmarks
of The Mandible
by Dorota Grela
1. Genial tuberclesradiopaque, tiny bumps of bone that serve as
attachment for genioglossus and geniohyoid
2. Lingual foramen-
radiolucent, hole or opening located on the internal
surface of mandible and surrounded by the genial
tubercles. The dot appears inferior to the apices of
the mandibular incisors.
1. Mandibular canal(black
arrows), tube like passage extending from
mandibular foramen to the mental foramen and
contains Inferior Alveolar nerv and blood vessels.
This radiolucent band is outlined by two radiopaque
lines of cortical plate.
2. Mental foramen-
( white
circle), small ovoid radiolucent area located below
the apices of the premolars. Mental foramen is
located on the external surface of the mandible as
an opening in the region of the mandibular
premolars. Mental nerves and blood vessels exit
through it.
1. External oblique ridge – (red arrows) radiopaque band
extending downwards and forwards from anterior border of mandible and ends
around third or second molar region.
2. Internal oblique ridge (Mylohyoid ridge)- ( blue
arrows), radiopaque band extending downward from molars and toward the
lower border of mandibular symphysis.
Submandibular gland fossa ( Submaxillary gland
fossa)- nb. 13. radiolucent, depressed area located on the internal surface of
mandible,in area in the molar region below the mylohyoid ridge. Submandibular salivary gland lies in
this fossa.
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