NCRA Annual conference re

San Francisco, CA
May 30-June 2, 2013
Jennifer Watkins, MN State President, CTR
 Job
 Last
Task Analysis every 5-7 years
one 2004
 Hourly
wage increased from $47,968 in 2005
to $62,232 in 2012
 29.7%
 s4.4
and 4.5
 Measures
in Development
GI: At least 15 RLN are pathologically examined
following resection for gastric cancer.
Lung: LN resction in non-small cell lung ca
Gynecologic Oncology: Measure workgroup being
 Critical
steps to Collaboration
Develop a common understanding of Purpose,
Terminology & External Requirements
Routine Meetings
Joint participation on quality improvement
 Use
outside tools to compare your facility
with others
 website
 Use
 We
the NCCN Guidelines
can help the clinician by;
Making Staging Card, laminate and give to
When sending tx request put, “This pt is part of
Clinical Study”, “1st, 2nd, 3rd Request….”
Essentially any cases we are doing can be considered a
clinical study because data is used for statistics
 When
making presentation slide or charts for
information request add the following under
the title
“Prepared by the Tumor Registry Staff”
 Letting them know we are THERE and this is where
they can get this information!
“If You Prepare It. It will be Used!”
Share your data with Finance Department
 476
Accredited Centers
 173
Centers in Process
1.3- Evaluation and Management guidelines
2.3- Breast Conservation
2.8- Diagnostic Imaging
2.12- Radiation oncology
2.15- Support and Rehabilitation
3.2- Clinical Trail Accrual
5.1- Breast Center Staff Education
 Required
for Compliance in 2014
S 2.7- Pathology Reports
S 6.1- Quality and Outcomes
Still on Hold
S 6.2- Quality Improvement
 Requires data collection
 Committee met on April 10, 2013
 Staff
Financial compensation
Health Benefits
Flexible work arrangement to promote good
work/life balance
Rewards and Recognition Programs
Availability to work Remotely
 Advantages
of Working Remotely
No commute
Greater work/life balance for employees
Less expenses required
Greater productivity due to less interruptions
Happier employees which means a greater
retention of high quality staff
Quality Oncology Practice Initiative
set of measures geared for the outpatient
chemotherapy clinic or practice, designed as
a tool for performance improvement
 Important
because they help with Quality
and Career Development!
 You
can look online for 100+ ideas for
studies, put it up at Cancer Committee and
let them pick.
 Institute
of Medicine recommends each
cancer pt receive a tx summary and
surviorship care plan (TS/SCP)
 Colorado
Central Cancer Registry did a pilot
program which used cancer registry data to
pre-populate TS/SCPs
 Templates
developed for breast and
colorectal cancers
 Web-based
Module developed; which
connects oncology providers to prepopulated, interactive templates.
 2015
Implementation of Treatment Summary
& Survivorship Care Plan
 WEBPLUS is a good tool
 Purpose: Find areas of improvement for both
web-based application and templates
17 Plans developed---13 delivered---9 patients
interviewed and 6 nurses interviewed
Nurses loved it!
100% of Patients would recommend it!
 Meaningful
use is using certified HER
technology to:
Improve population and public health
Use of certified HER technology for electronic
exchange of health information to improve
quality of health care, example E-prescribing
 CS
Education website has the built in Youtube
videos so you can still see them even if your
place of work has strict Firewalls!
 Stage
Coach on Youtube; Canswer Forum
questions, youtube style!
 Use
 to find answers!!
Go to AJCC Channel
 Benefits
Allows expedited data entry
Enables accredited cancer programs to report
data on pt’s concurrently
Provides hospitals timely notification of
treatment expectations
 Alexander
Von Winiwarter (1848-1916)
Arguably the First Cancer Statistician
Studied records and outcomes of 548 cancer pts
treated by famous German surgeon, Theodor Billroth
between 1867 and 1976
Published “Statistics of Carcinoma in 1878.
Credited with idea of classifying tumors by their site
of origin
Developed the concept cure rate by years and, indeed,
that cure was possible
Probably responsible for establishing 5 year survival as
the measure of curability
 NCRA Annual
Conference 2013 Manual
Conference Proceedings
I hope you enjoyed this recap of what I learned.
My hope is that some of this will help you in your
profession! ~Jennifer Watkins, CTR
MN State President
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