Health Solutions- KT Webinar - Western Canada Waiting List Project

Alberta Innovates- Health Solutions- KT
OA Team Grant: Project 1
WCWL Investigators
Dr Tom Noseworthy
March 9, 2011
KT in Project 1: Outline
WCWL Investigators background
AI-HS/CIHR Team Grant Research
What are the Project 1 deliverables?
What value is anticipated ?
Who is the audience ?
How are they/will they be involved?
Team for Project 1
On Behalf Of:
Claudia Sanmartin; Barb Spady; Cy Frank; Michael
Carter; Gillian Hawker; Deborah Marshall; Carolyn De
Coster; Eric Bohm; Mike Dunbar; Sherry Weaver; Diane
Lorenzetti; Marie-Pascale Pomey; Peter Faris; Tom
WCWL Mission
…improve the fairness of the system such
that access to appropriate and effective
health care is timely and prioritized on the
basis of need and potential to benefit.
Managing Waiting Times for Scheduled Services
Question addressed
• Should this patient be
placed in the queue?
• What is the correct order
for the queue?
• How long should this
patient wait?
• Can we offer a certain
waiting time?
• What can make the waiting
time experience better?
WCWL research program
* (Funded by AI-HS & CIHR)
• Appropriateness*
• Priority-setting
• Maximum acceptable waiting
• Operations research and
• Patient expectations*
Current Work of WCWL Investigators
-focused on hip& knee replacement(AI-HS & CIHR Team Grants)
• Appropriateness (Sub-project 1: Sanmartin)
• Patient expectations (Sub-project 2: Spady)
• Operations research & scheduling (Sub-project 3:
• Successful & sustainable WTMS (Sub-project 4: Pomey)
Sub-project Deliverables for Project 1
(AI-HS- & CIHR- funded)
• Appropriateness: .Multi-stakeholder shared decision
aid for appropriateness of TJR
• Patient expectations: .Waiting time trade-offs for
next available surgeon & SEM
.Improved management of the
waiting time experience
• Ops & scheduling:
.Scheduling system for WRHA
.OR tool kit for health authorities
.Systems dynamics model for OA
• Successful & sustainable WTMS .Generalize success
.Tool for managers
Value Proposition of Deliverables
• Appropriateness: a decision aid of value to
patients’ acceptability; surgeons managing
expectations of outcomes; reducing variability;
managing supply-induced demand
• Patient Expectations: better understand &
manage the waiting time experience; improve
satisfaction with surgical outcomes; inform
deliberations around next available surgeon &
single-entry models
Value proposition of Deliverables
• Operations Research & Scheduling: offer a
definite date for surgery; forecast the future &
better planning ; simulate impact of system
changes & perturbations
• Waiting Time Management Strategies:
generalize successful & sustainable
innovations in access management
Sub-project 1: Appropriateness
• Patients
• Orthopaedic Surgeons and
MSK clinicians
• Bone & Joint ‘community’
• Policy-makers
• Focus groups in Halifax, Winnipeg &
• Key informants from Halifax,
Winnipeg & Alberta
• Planned re-engagement during tool
• AHS Clinical Network for MSK Health
Taming of the Queue KT Workshop
ABJHI & Bone & Joint Canada
Canadian Arthritis Network
Taming of the Queue Workshop
AH&W presentation
HC pending
Sub-project 2: Patient Expectations
• Patients
• Orthopaedic surgeons &
MSK clinicians
• Focus groups in Halifax,
Winnipeg & Calgary
• Pending patient survey
• Pending conjoint analysis
• Key informant interviews on
next available surgeon &
single-entry models
• Participation in BJC
• Through ABJHI, a collaborative
resource to AHS clinical
network for MSK Health
Sub-project 3: Operations Research
• Managers & planners
• Policy-makers
• Presentations to HC & AHW
• Through ABJHI, AHS clinical
network for MSK health
• Communications with WRHA
• Participation in & presentations
to Bone & Joint Canada
• TQ KT Workshop
• AHS Clinical Network MSK Health
Sub-project 4: Success & Sustainability
Waiting Time Management Strategies
• Managers & planners
• Policy-makers
• Case studies of s/s of
centres across Canada
• Findings to participants
• Participation in Models of
Care initiative
• TQ KT Workshop
• AHS Clinical Network for
• Health Canada & AHW
• Provincial Health Ministries
Leveraged Grants
Abstracts & Publications
• CIHR: Emerging Team Grant- Noseworthy (PI)
• AI-HS: SD Model of OA in Alberta- Marshall (PI)
• AI-HS: KT Grant for SD Model- Marshall (PI)
• Abstracts presented* or accepted at ACR*, CRA*, COA
2010*, COA 2011, INFORMS, COMOC*, U of M*, MPA*
(MB PT Assoc.), STTI Honor Society of Nursing*, CONA*
• Papers: Rheumatology PRS -Arthritis Care & Research-Feb 2011
Patient Choice Systems -Health Care Mgt ForumAccepted Feb 2011