Prevention of cross infection in the nursery

Cross Infection In The Nursery
Presented by
Rosemary Oke, MPH student
Walden University
PUBH 6165
Instructor: Dr. Rubin Howard
Spring, 2010
Non – clinical nursery, daycare and
community workers who care for babies and
toddlers in the nursery.
Create awareness of of cross infection.
 Know the simple basic things that can safe life.
 At the end of the presentation nursery worker
will be more knowledgeable about cross infection
 Apply the new knowledge to the care of babies in
the nursery.
 Poor
hand washing technique.
 Not disinfecting the diaper table after each
diaper change.
 Not using alcohol hand sanitizer after diaper
 Improper disposal of soiled diaper
 Fever
 rapid
 mental confusion,
 low blood pressure,
 reduced urine output,
 painful joints and muscles,
(Health line, 2010)
Use of gloves for each diaper change
Good hand washing technique.
Proper disposal of soiled diapers, tissues,
and handkerchiefs
Cross infection
Awareness among nursery workers
Reduction of hospital related complications
Maintain standard precautions
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