Improving Experience through Regular Shadowing Events
W Calvert1, C Platt2, J Minford1
Alder Hey Children’s NHS
Foundation Trust
Department of Paediatric Surgery
2 Transformation
ImERSE - a structured
Patient Experience
Shadowing Event
collecting direct
observation of
hundreds of patient
and family experiences
per year
….. using this in a
system of continuous
service evaluation and
….. shaping
healthcare providers
now and for the future.
Summary information
about ImERSE & PFCC
ImERSE Report –
Complete this during
your shadowing event &
leave in the box on K1
Information handout
for patients & families
The Not So Good Stuff
Frustration expressed from long
fasting times and pre-theatre
Too much waiting around
without knowing what was going
on after initial clerking
Discussing risk and
complications in front of child
made them more anxious
Timing of speaking to parent in
recovery whilst trying to comfort
crying baby; mum didn’t really
take in what was being said and
a nurse had to return later to ask
clinician again
The Good Stuff
Adapted treatment
options to meet
child’s needs
Toys & books in
waiting area helps to
keep the child and
parents occupied
Explained the layout
of the day, what to
expect in a way that
was easy to follow and
comforting for family.
“You treat a disease, you win, you lose.
You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome.”
Patch Adams M.D.