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Enhancing Sight to
Enhance Life
What We Do
Enhancing Sight to Improve
•Alcon is helping people see the
•We serve eye care professionals
and their patients in more than
180 countries, reaching 90% of
the globe.
•At Alcon, we enhance sight to
enhance life.
Mission and Values
Our Mission
Alcon has one mission: to
provide Innovative products
innovative products
that enhance
quality of life by
helping people see better.
Our Vision
Alcon’s vision is to be the
most trusted leader in eye
1945: Two pharmacists, Robert Alexander and
William Conner, open a small pharmacy in Fort
Worth, Texas.
1959: Alcon opens an office in Canada,
beginning its international operations.
1959: Alcon opens an office in Canada,
beginning its international operations.
1962: Alcon begins its patient assistance
program, providing free medications to lowincome glaucoma patients .
1978: Swiss food company Nestlé acquires
2011: The boards of Novartis and Alcon
complete its merger agreement.
History Continued
• Sales reach $10 billion
• Alcon commits to a $5 billion investment to discover and develop new and
innovative treatments for vision conditions and eye diseases
• This represents the largest commitment to research and development in
the eye care industry
Our Business Focus
We offer a broad spectrum of eye
care products and are organized into
three businesses:
• Surgical
•Vision Care.
• Alcon offers the industry’s most complete line of ophthalmic surgical
products, enabling surgeons to achieve the best results for their patients.
• The Alcon pharmaceutical portfolio includes treatment options glaucoma,
anti-inflammatories and anti-infectives .
Vision Care
• Alcon is now one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens
care products.
• Our products reflect the way we see the future of eye care. With every
new development we fill a need, make a job easier, an outcome safer and
vision clearer.
• While Alcon manufacture and sell dozens of eye care products around the
globe, some of our more widely used products are highlighted here.
Alcon Features and Highlights
The innovative culture of Alcon means we always have new and
exciting information to share.
• Raising Awareness of Eye Health Among Women
• Paying it Forward
One doctor trained in cataract surgery impacts many.
• World Glaucoma Week
Have you had your eyes checked lately?
• Precious Time: Vision Over 40
Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eye's ability to actively focus on close
• Bintou's Life is Whole Again
A child with cataracts has her sight restored.
Alcon Features and Highlights
• Celebrate World Sight Day
Helping to increase awareness and education efforts.
• Dry Eye Facts
Do you have dry eyes?
• Glaucoma: Sneaky Thief of Sight
Are you at risk?
• Creating Sight-Changing Moments
We're working to advance cataract treatments worldwide.
• Life Cycle of Eye Health
Alcon provides help for vision issues for all stages of life.
• Every Child Deserves to See
Helping to meet eye care needs within our communities.
Commitment to client satisfaction
• Responsible business practices
• Alcon believes in high standards, transparency, and ethics.
Commitment to client satisfaction
Quality and Safety Standards
• At Alcon, we want to ensure that innovative eye care products are within
reach of those who need them
• From research and development, to manufacturing and distribution,
unparalleled quality and safety standards are the keys to our success
• We adhere to the strictest of regulatory and statutory requirements,
while also seeking continuous improvement and advancement
• This is reflected in every aspect of our business, our partner relationships
and our customers’ satisfaction
Commitment to client satisfaction
Ethics, Governance and Compliance
• Eye care professionals and patients trust Alcon’s commitment to delivering
quality eye care products worldwide.
• At Alcon, we strive to maintain high standards of integrity, while practicing
sound principles of corporate governance.
• Alcon’s business ethics are solidly based upon mutual trust and integrity
and focused upon continuous improvement.
• Every member of the Alcon team is responsible and accountable for
ensuring that their objectives are aligned with this policy.
Commitment to client satisfaction
Animal Welfare
• Alcon is committed to transforming eye care possibilities into therapeutic
realities through research and development
• With this commitment comes the responsibility of comprehensive testing
of all our products to ensure their safety
• Alcon strictly adheres to guidance from the Association for Assessment
and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International , through which
we are accredited.
Commitment to client satisfaction
Animal Welfare
We also follow the internationally accepted principles for humane
animal use in research:
• Replace tests with non-animal testing methods wherever possible
and appropriate
• Reduce the number of animals used in each study
• Refine testing to use the least invasive and painful methods feasible
• Respect is Alcon’s own addition to this global standard. We believe
it is vital to respect the inherent integrity of the animal and its
contribution to our research
Commitment to client satisfaction
Environmental Sustainability
• We believe that environmental stewardship makes good business sense
• Alcon is committed to reducing the impact on the environment
throughout our discovery, development and manufacturing of eye care
products across the globe.
• While complying with external regulations, our global Environmental
Management System also prioritizes and integrates a preventative
approach that allows us to meet the needs of the present, without
compromising the future.
Commitment to client satisfaction
Reimbursement Services
• Alcon offers comprehensive service programs to support the productivity
and efficiency of your Alcon instrumentation, and subsequently, your
• We recognize that our primary responsibility is to understand our
customer's needs and expectations and to integrate this knowledge into
service and support activities that are clearly understood throughout all
levels of the Technical Service Organization.
• American Academy of Opthalmology-2010 Innovative Research Award
• 2010 Achievement Award-Leading Research Company
• Knights Templar Eye Foundation-2010 Breakthrough Products
Alcon Tears Naturale®
•The Tears Naturale® family of products
provides a number of solutions to your dry eye
Tears Naturale® Forte
• Tears Naturale® Forte unique Trisorb® technology contains three
ingredients that work together to lock in moisture to bring long-lasting
relief to dry eyes.
• Because these tears are closest to natural tears, they provide better
"wettability," and slow evaporation of the tear film.
Tears Naturale® Forte
Competitive advantage
• unlike many other brands, Tears Naturale® Forte doesn't contain harsh
preservatives. Instead, it contains Polyquad®, recognized by doctors as
being one of the most gentle preservatives, even for very sensitive eyes.
Tears Naturale Free®
•Tears Naturale Free® is preservative-free.
•If your eye doctor has recommended a preservative-free product, then Tears
Naturale Free® would be an excellent choice.
Tears Naturale Free®
Competitive advantage
• Tears Naturale Free® gives you more artificial tears solution per vial than
other brands
• preservative-free
Tears Naturale® II Polyquad®
•Tears Naturale® II soothes and moisturizes your dry, sensitive eyes just like
your own tears.
•Tears Naturale® II contains POLYQUAD® preservative
Tears Naturale® II Polyquad®
Competitive advantage
• recommended by doctors as being one of the most gentle on the eye.
• Store brand eye drops and even some national brands are still using a
preservative called BAC (benzalkonium chloride), which has been shown to
be harsher to the surface of the eye with frequent use.
What are natural tears?
• They are the body's natural mechanism for protecting the surface of the
eye from infection and from the corrosive effects of dirt, dust, and other
airborne particles. They help to create a smooth corneal surface so vision
stays clear and undistorted, and your eyes stay comfortable. Tears provide
a wet, lubricated surface that sits atop the corneal epithelium
• Tears are constantly being replenished, so adequate tear production is
important to maintain the health, comfort, and infection-fighting
capabilities of the eye. When the eye can't produce enough tears to
perform these functions, artificial tears or occlusion (plugging of the tear
ducts) may be necessary.
What is dry eye?
• Dry eye is a term used to describe a group of different diseases and
conditions that result from inadequate wetting and lubrication of the eye.
• Although millions of people experience it, dry eye is not always easy to
diagnose; it can easily be mistaken for other conditions such as infections
or allergies.
What can you do about dry eye?
• There is no known "cure" for dry eye. However, in most cases, dry eye can
be treated with an artificial tear solution or, in more severe cases, by
blocking the puncta. Whatever the treatment mode chosen, effective
treatment of dry eye must either replace or enhancenatural tears.
Price comparisons
Retail store
Alcon Tears
Hypo Tears
15 ml/14.99
70 vials/24.99
70 vials/17.99
15ml/ 14.99
70 vials/20.99
Comparison of Competitor Products
Tears Naturale
Hypo Tears
Refresh Plus
Poly Quad
Preservative free
0.3% HPMC, 0.1%
Dextran 70, .2%
1% Polyvinyl
Alcohol, 6%
Providone, .1% BAC
.05% CMC, Purite as
15ml bottle
Single Use Vials
Single Use Vials
Initial Sting
Market Share
Market Share
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