Teen Texting
@ Your
How To Begin
• Give Teens the Judge’s Cell Number – OR use
cheap disposable cell from Wal-Mart or Target
if you want to keep your cell # private.
• Establish Ground Rules –
- Keep it clean!! Acceptable library language
- You can only submit one text per
First Correct Text – Three points
Second Correct Text – Two Points
Third Correct Text – One Point
**Increased point value for each new round.
Contest consists of three rounds. The person
with the most points at the end of Round
Three WINS!!
Round One -- Abbreviations
Talk to you later = ttyl
Laugh out loud = lol
Falling down laughing = fdl
See you later = cul or cyl – both accepted
Be right back = brb
Too much information = tmi
Face to Face = f2f
Whenever = wenevr
And so on………. – I did 20 common abbreviations.
Round Two – Specifics
Double Points
• I made up 10 “mock messages” teens might
text to parents. They had to text these with
the full spelling of all words plus correct
• Examples: “At mall. Found perfect dress for
Prom. Come quick! Please.”
• “At Mark’s. Jen is drinking. Please pick me up.”
• “Running late. Be home in 10 minutes.”
Round Three – By The Book
Triple Points
• I gave each teen a slip of paper with the following
information: Call number of a book, chapter number,
paragraph number and which sentence to text me.
Young Adult – HOR Crocodile Tears
Text me the first complete sentence in Chapter 7,
paragraph 2.
Teen was expected to find Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider,
Crocodile Tears on the Young Adult shelves, go to
chapter 7, paragraph 2 and text the first sentence to
• I sent the following text to all of the
bks r lk rly lng txts!