Erection Problems (ED)?
• Do not feel embarrassing to
talk to Dr. Zhao about your
sex life.
• Dr. Zhao TCM is the natural
and effective way to help
your ED and get back to
being intimate with your
• Balance your Yin- Yang, QiBlood to help your
hormone, improve your
libido, Qi-Energy and blood
flow to create an erection.
• Depression can dampen
your desire and can
lead to erectile
• Depression drugs can
suppress your libido
and make it harder to
get an erection.
• Drugs also cause a delay
in your orgasm.
• Stress can take its toll
on many different parts
of your body, including
your ED.
• Dr. Zhao’ Tension Free
herbs deal with stress
naturally and makes
relaxation right away.
• Worrying can make it
harder for your ED.
• Anxiety can also spill
over into the bedroom.
• Worry can make you
fear and avoid intimacy.
• Acupuncture and herbs
ease or calm down
Over Weight?
• Carrying extra pounds can
impact your sexual
• Obese men have lower
levels of the male
hormone testosterone.
• Being overweight is also
linked to high blood
pressure and hardening
of the arteries, which can
reduce blood flow to the
• Dr. Zhao help lose weight.
Low Libido ?
• Low libido isn't the
same as erectile
dysfunction, but a lot of
the same factors that
stifle an erection can
also dampen your
interest in sex.
• Dr. Zhao TCM increases
your Libido in 6 weeks.
Your Health impact your ED
• Many different health conditions
can affect the nerves, muscles, or
blood flow that is needed to have
an erection.
• Diabetes, high blood pressure,
hardening of the arteries, spinal
cord injuries, and multiple
sclerosis can contribute to ED.
• Surgery to treat prostate or
bladder problems can also affect
the nerves and blood vessels that
control an erection.
• Dr. Zhao TCM helps Diabetes,
High BP and soften the arteries.
You will benefit from these
• Acupuncture therapy
twice a week for 6
• Most clients get the
result in 3-6 weeks.
• Increase libido
• Increase Qi-Energy
• Low down sugar and BP.
• Lose 12-15Lbs.