6-2 Volleyball Rotation


        If you are a setter, look at S1 and S2 If you are a middle, look at M1 and M2 If you are an outside, look at O1 and O2 If you are a Libero or DS, look at L Setters: Ashley (S1), Nicole (S2), Ella (S2) Middles: Ally (M1) and Riley (M2) Outsides: Jordan and Amy (O1), Lindsey and Megan(O2) Libero/DS: Miranda, Amy and Ella

     After Service OR Serve Receive, ALWAYS GO TO YOUR BASE!!!! (that’s the position you go to to play) Setters always go to the right Outsides always go to the left Middles and Liberos always go to the middle Don’t forget if you are front row or back row… front row stays in FRONT of the 10’ line, back row stays BEHIND the 10’ line

  Click once on the slide and it will move the path of the player to where they move at the time the ball is in play Sooooo…. as soon as the server touches the ball (on EITHER side)…. You run to where the positions go.

O2 S2 M1 O1 L S1

S2 M1 O1 S1 O2 L

O2 S2 M1 S1 L O1

O2 L S2 M1 S1 O1

S1 M2 O2 O1 S2 M1

M2 S1 O2 O1 L S2

O1 S1 M2 O2 L S2

S1 M2 O2 S2 O1 L

O1 S1 M2 S2 L O2

O1 L S1 S2 M2 O2

S2 M1 O1 O2 S1 M2

M1 S2 O1 O2 L S1