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It is
India's National Animal is the tiger, the tiger is a very
ferocious beast.
They are very shy and they are one of the most
endangered animals. It is the largest out of the four
biggest cats and weighs up to 300 kg (660 pounds)
It is a member of Felidae family. Tigers have a
lifespan of 10-15 years in the wild but can live longer
than 20 years in captivity.
Tigers can reach up to 3.3m (11ft) in length!
The National Bird of India is a Peacock
also known as a Peafowl.
It is a large and brightly coloured bird from
the Pheasant Family.
One of the Peacocks predators is the tiger
you will have heard about them on the
previous page.
They are mainly on the ground of open forests or cultivation where they forage
for berries, grain but will also prey on snakes, lizards or other little rodents.
India's National Flower is the Lotus Flower.
it's petals are usually a beautiful pink.
Under favourable circumstances its seeds
shall remain viable for many years, with the
oldest recorded lotus germination being
from that of seeds 1,300 years old recovered
from a dry lake-bed in North-eastern China!
Here is a sketched Mehndi
Hand and it has a Lotus
Flower in the middle.
The Indian National Tree is the
Banyan Tree.
The seeds of the Banyan are
Dispersed by fruit eating birds. The
Seeds germinate and send down
Roots towards the ground, and may
Envelop part of the host tree or building
Structure with their roots, giving them
The casual name of the Strangler
India's National Fruit is...well, I've
Supposed you had guessed!
Anyway, its a MANGO!
The Mango is from the
Anacardiaceae Family,
strange word, isn't it?
In several cultures its fruit and
Leaves are ritually used as floral
Decorations at Weddings, public
Celebrations and religious
India's National Sports is Hockey.
The Indian Men's
Hockey Team is the Most successful
Hockey Team in Olympic History
8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals!
Here are some Indian Hockey Teams!
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