Hockey Speech - Evan Richards

Hockey is my favourite sport in the
History of hockey
• Hockey first started as a Olympic sport in
the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games. Before
they were introduced in the Olympics they
were also played thousands of years ago
by the ancient Egyptians, Irish, ancient
Greece and China.
The rules
• In hockey the ball can only be hit by the
flat side of the stick and the ball can not be
touched by either the foot or the hand. You
can not hit other players with the hockey
stick or swing it dangerously.
Wins and players
• There can only be sixteen players on a
hockey Olympic team.
• The top five countries in hockey at the
Olympics are 1st the Netherlands with one
gold and one silver,2nd Germany with one
gold,3rd Argentina with one silver and 4th
Australia and Great Britain with one
bronze each.