Ministry of Environment and SD

Ministry of Environment &Sustainable Development
in collaboration with
Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security
Ministry of Fisheries
Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund
Earth Day 2014
 Earth Day- annual event celebrated on April
22 in more than 190 countries to
demonstrate support for environmental
protection. This year’s global theme is:
“Green Cities.”
 To mark this event in Mauritius, the
MOESDis engaging the public at large in
tree planting for a cleaner, healthier and
greener environment.
Activities proposed
 Among the activities proposed in the context of Earth Day
(i) Launching of a campaign “Un enfant, Une Plante” at the
Rabindranath Tagore Secondary School Ilot Pamplemousses
on the 23 April 2014. The event will be marked by a tree
planting ceremony, the distribution of plants to students and
staff of the school and community members.
(ii) Planting of 500 Flamboyant trees on the Signal
(ii) To conduct 7 regional “Training of Trainers” half-day
workshops on tree planting in the 7 community centre
zones with representatives of community centres, village
councils and municipal councils.
Importance of trees and forests
 Trees are vital for our survival. They give us oxygen,
store carbon, stabilise the soil and support wildlife.
 Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on
Earth. They are the world’s single largest source of
 Trees and forests offer us with a wide range of
environmental, social and economic benefits.
Environmental Benefits
 Maintain balance of oxygen in the atmosphere.
 Trees combat climate change as they absorb carbon
dioxide, hence combat greenhouse effect. Over the
course of its life a single tree can absorb about 1 ton of
 Prevent soil erosion as their roots hold the soil in place.
 Provide important habitats for numerous bird, insect
and animal species.
Social Benefits
 Provide beauty with attractive landscape.
 Provide cool areas for recreation and relaxation such as
playgrounds and parks.
 Trees act as sound barrier and mitigate noise, can
reduce noise pollution by as much as 40 percent.
 Trees have medicinal uses:
 Neem Tree - antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory;
Eucalyptus Tree - very effective in the treatment of
coughs, sore throats and asthma.
Economic Benefits
 Shading and evaporative cooling from trees can cut
residential air-conditioning costs 20-50%.
 Can save up to 30% of energy, thus utility company
uses less energy which result to less fuel consumption.
 Forests provide timber, wood, pulp, medicines, fruits
and food.
 Forests serve as destination for ecotourism and
Tree Planting
 In line with budget 2014 and as part of its endeavour
for a ‘Clean and Green Mauritius’, the MOESD in
collaboration with the Ministry of Agro-Industry & FS
and other stakeholders has embarked on a ‘Tree
Planting for Clean Air Campaign’ with a target to plant
some 200 000 trees throughout the island by 2015.
Objectives of the campaign
 Embellish Mauritius for a more beautiful and greener
 Improve our air quality for a healthy environment.
 Connect us with nature and reinforce our cultural and
spiritual values.
Poster on ‘Une Famille, Une Plante’
Brochure on ‘Une Famille, Une Plante’
Some tips to protect your
 Participate in activities to make our island clean and
 Plant trees (promote endemic and threatened species).
 Do not cut or uproot trees.
 Promote planting and the use of medicinal plants
(decrease the use of chemically produced
 Compost your green wastes.
Projects in schools
1. Endemic Garden Project
2. Tree Planting Project
Endemic garden Project
 Launched in 2010 to mark the international year of
 Help youngsters to understand the term ‘endemic’.
 Sensitisation campaign in all primary and secondary
schools with distribution of toolkit, brochure, poster
and CDs on endemic garden.
 2010-2013: 144 gardens were created and sensitisation
carried out in 129 schools.
Resource Materials Developed
Endemic Plants
Bottle Palm
Bois de natte
Tree planting Project
 Project on tree planting launched during Earth day –
April 2013.
 297 schools participated in the project.
 Some 2700 endemic plants have been planted
(about 10 trees/school).
 Endemic plants obtained from Forestry Service.
 “It is the little things citizen do. That’s what will make
the difference. My little thing is planting trees.”
 Wangari Maathai (1940-2011)
 Founder of Green Belt Movement and 2004 Noble Peace Prize Laureate
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