The Hummingbird is covered in
feathers. They can be really
colorful and they use those
colors to hid in bushes and trees.
The feet of a humming bird help
make it easier and liter to
balance on sticks and flowers.
The skinny mouth helps it eat
pollen and nectar for energy
to fly
They live in many areas of the
Americas and even can be
found in Alaska.
Their habitats are located in
their nest of their tree. They build
their nests in forests and in side
small nooks near buildings.
They nests can be very small
and their eggs can be the size of
the tip of your pinky finger.
The behaviors of a
humming bird is that
they are one of the
fastest of all the
They are also one of
the smallest birds in
the whole wide
Bee Hummingbirds have the smallest beaks compared to all
other birds.
Bee Hummingbird are one of the most colorful hummingbirds. They are
mainly comprised of green and blue feathers.