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OUTLINE FOR UNIT 2B: Feathers of Love
Paragraphs 1-2: Introduction
Main idea: The reason why birds of paradise dance and display their feathers
Paragraphs 3-4-5: An Amazing Performance
Main idea: The various ways of dancing and displaying the feathers that birds use to
attract their mates
-The male birds have colorful feathers from red,yellow, blue….
- Each species has its own type of display behavior: dancing on the ground or high in the
tree, …
Paragraphs 6-7-8-9: The Evolution of Color
Main idea: How the color of the bird’s feathers evolves and the convenient environmental
condition increases that process.
- The safe environment with abundant foods and few predators and the “sex selection”
make the change in their colors, feathers from dark to bright color,…
Paragraphs 10-11-12-13: Bird Performers, Human Dancers
Main idea: Locals imitate the performances of the birds and the human exploitation on the
birds of paradise
- The local dancers copied the movement and colorful costumes of the birds.
- A lot of bird skins were hunted for people’s demand
- There are other serious threats to the life of the birds
- The conservationist encouraged the protection of the birds and had a positive result