Presentation - Careers in horticulture

Careers in Horticulture
More than just food production
Skills learnt in Horticulture can support many exciting careers.
Real Madrid is looked after by a British trained
grounds person - Paul Burgess
This building in London ‘The Walkie Talkie’ has a tropical
glasshouse on its roof
You could even find yourself tending crops
on the skyscraper roof
tops of New York.
Horticulture and Science
One of the largest glasshouses in Europe can be found
in Norfolk. It grows tomatoes using recycled CO2 from
the sugar factory next door. Plants are over 36ft long
and bees are brought in by the box to pollinate.
Did you know that plant breeders have created a
TomTato a potato plant that has a tomato grafted onto
a potato plant.
Horticulture contributes to many scientific discoveries
and pharmaceutical products
Plant breeding is crucial to long term food security,
particularly with climate changes and growing World
New landscapers
Living walls and rooftop gardens need special
Great for insulation and combating pollution.
These green spaces support many birds and
insects and are vital for the environment in
urbanised areas.
Plant collectors and scientists
How about travelling the world
discovering and preserving wild
Wollemia nobilis
This plant has only 100 living
They were thought to be extinct
Found growing in one gorge in New
south wales. Australia
Been on earth since the Jurassic
This is how they collect some of the
trees precious seeds
Plants for Show
Did you watch the opening ceremony of of the Olympic games?
Someone grew, planted and looked after the plants, the turf the trees.
There a companies in the UK and all over the world growing and
designing with plants for films and events recreating landscape and
garden scenes through the ages and seasons.
There is more to horticulture than you think!