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Canceran Samuel B BSAF 2A Horticulture Activity 1

Module 1 Lesson 1
The picture shown below depicts 5 persons. Person 1 is planting, person 2 is raking, person 3 is watering
plants, person 4 is carrying seeds and person 5 is digging a hole. These 5 actions all relate to horticulture
because horticulture is the agriculture of plants. It involves plant propagation and cultivation with the
aim of improving plant growth.
Learning the scope of horticulture will empower students to improve their learning development
because of the wide scope horticulture covers. They will learn by studying the major areas of
horticulture which includes floriculture, pomology, oenology or turf management, to mention.
Horticulture can contribute to a student’s career development. Since it is the art, technology, business,
education and science of plants, graduates with a degree in horticulture can have professional careers in
production, management, marketing, education and research. Sometimes it can help a student open
their own business enterprises such as landscape design, fruit or vegetable production, nurseries,
greenhouses or garden centers.