Change in city centres

Recent examples of different types of renewal
Infamous for the Ballymun flats, a symbol of
poverty, drugs, and social problems in Ireland
from the 1970s.
A multi-billion euro renewal, with a renovated
village centre, surrounded by estates of houses
and apartments, with several sub-districts
• 560 acres of parkland the same size as Hyde Park.
• 15 acres of hedgerows and wildlife habitats.
• 6.5 kilometres of waterways.
• Promenade lined with 100 mature trees.
• 4,000 new trees across the Park.
and sporting facilities – West Ham get the stadium!
The London 2012 Athletes’ Village has been transformed
into 2,818 new homes, complete with a school, cafés and
bars, 27 acres of parkland and 30 shops
Cardiff Bay – freshwater lake and barrage.
The Sennedd (Welsh Assembly)
The Millennium Centre
Homes, businesses, entertainment, shops, hotels, tourist
A congested UK city – second worst after London
London brought in the congestion charge
Edinburgh improved public transport…
The first phase of the project consists of a 16
station, 14km link between the CBD and Edinburgh
Airport – beginning testing 2014.
Construction began in 2007, but was met with
many delays and contractual disputes.
Derelict warehouses in former docks
An urban redevelopment scheme that will be home to
new businesses, residences, entertainment venues and
educational facilities. Like London’s Docklands
redevelopment of 1990s.
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