Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21

Save Jobs, Affordable Housing and Economic Development
Postpone Dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies: SUPPORT SB 659
Hon. FirstName LastName
Assemblymember or Senator
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
(The address is the same for all legislators)
RE: Please postpone local redevelopment dissolution, Yes on SB 659
Dear Name of Your Legislator:
(city) redevelopment is set to end in just ___ days. This is not nearly enough time to wind down the
work of the agency and transfer the projects to the city. If the deadline is not extended a few months,
chaos will ensue as projects are shifted to a too small staff, the future of important projects remains
unclear and hundreds of people lose their jobs.
I am one of your constituents whose job is in jeopardy. Up to ___ of my co-workers may lose their jobs
too. I am especially concerned about the future of the (list a popular RDA project, no stadiums) which
is funded by redevelopment.
Please support and become a co-author of SB 659 which will extend the deadline a few months and
allow for an orderly transition and negotiations for ongoing work in economic development and
affordable housing.
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