Illinois DCEO`s Food Scrap Composting Grant (FSCRAP)

Illinois Food Scrap Composting
Revitalization and Advancement
Program (FSCRAP)
David E. Smith, IL DCEO – Recycling
Green Town: May 21, 2014
When Did Scraps become Waste?
(WW II Era Poster)
DCEO’s Food Scrap Program
• F-SCRAP is designed to assist entities with the acquisition
of equipment or to make project necessary site
improvements. Collection or processing projects must
increase the volume of food scrap material being
diverted in Illinois. The program can also support costs
for equipment related to marketing end-products. A
more recent change allows for funding costs related to
obtaining an IEPA permit when one is required.
• DCEO expects to open its next cycle of grant this fall for
project to go on-line in the Spring/Summer 2015. About
$1 million in funds available. A minimum 10% project
match is required.
What Have We Funded?
What Have We Funded?
What Have We Funded?
If you have questions, or wish to
notified when the next grant cycle
opens contact:
David E. Smith
Phone 217-785-2006
Fax: 217-785-2618
Web site: