3 Towns Travel

Three Towns Travel
Organisational Sustainable Travel Planning
SWWMG presentation
12th March 2014
The 3 Towns Corridor
• 16 km in length
• 135,000 population
• 75,000 jobs
• A35 connects Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch
• 33,000 new homes and 30,000 new jobs planned by 2026
LSTF 3 Towns Travel Corridor project
• Congestion costs the SE Dorset economy £313 million per annum
• Project will play a key role in enabling development whilst mitigating transport
impacts (increased congestion and rising carbon emissions)
• A mix of capital and revenue projects totalling nearly £19 million to:
Improvements for buses
promote walking, cycling and low carbon vehicles
Intelligent Transport Systems
Active Management and enforcement
Provide quality interchange and waiting facilities
Improve access to stations
Public realm improvements
Provide Organisation Travel Planning
Organisational travel planning – offers
3TT travel planning co-ordinator
Business Travel grant
Free Travel Action Plans/Travel Plans
iTRACE travel surveys and audits
Area Wide Sustainable Travel Network
Station travel plans
School travel plans
Council travel plans
SME toolkit & support
Improved Journey Planning tools
Jobcentre Plus Bike vouchers (re-cycled bikes)
Linking with other initiatives
Business Travel Grant
Who is eligible? Your business is entitled to apply for a grant if:
• The site is located within 500m of the A35 corridor running between Poole and
• The grant is used to a suitable project (must promote sustainable travel by employees)
• You are willing to consider delivering additional initiatives that compliment the
proposed project (this need not be a financial commitment)
• You are willing to provide simple monitoring data and photographic evidence
• All sizes of businesses can apply
• Would welcome joint applications where two or more businesses will benefit
Business Travel Grant:
• To support organisations to deliver projects that will encourage employees to
travel more sustainably
• Predominantly a capital grant, however some funding available for non-capital
• Grants available from a £200 to £5000
• Funding available up to March 2015
Examples of schemes which may be considered
Travel Information packs
for staff, sustainable road
shows for staff
Car Sharing incentives e.g.
Bespoke website,
promotional materials,
designated spaces
Tools to support home
working or to reduce
business travel e.g. video
Business Travel Grant – Process
1. Request an application form
and guidance notes (seek preapplication discussion with 3TT
Travel Planner)
3. Application assessment:
• By a 3TT panel
• Decision within 4/6 weeks
2. Complete the application form:
• Attach copies of quotes
• Submit by e-mail or post
Claim form submission:
Claim form to be submitted
Attach copies of all invoices
from contractors/suppliers
Attach monitoring form and
Receipt of application:
Acknowledgement within
7/10 days
A grant reference will be
6. Payment of the grant:
• This will be made within 4-6 weeks of
receipt of a complete and satisfactory
claim form.
Business Travel Grant – Match commitments
As a condition of the Business Travel Grant your organisation will be asked to
consider offering additional sustainable travel initiatives or facilities in return for
Running and promoting a
work place cycle or
walking challenge e.g.
Walk to Work Week
Hosting a local
sustainable travel
event such as a
bikers breakfast or a
car share coffee
To create/update a
workplace Travel
Action Plan
Travel Action Plans and Travel Plans:
The benefits to your business:
• Make financial savings
• Increase your business resilience
• Contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda
• Gain environmental certification (ISO14001)
• Become an employer of choice
• Encourage a healthier and more productive workplace
We offer:
• Free expertise and advice to create and implement a workplace Travel Action
Plan/Travel Plan (a workplace Travel Action Plan can be created in a 1 hour
• Free access to the iTRACE web tool – for Travel Surveys (analysis), Site Audits,
Post Code Plots
• Help to identify existing free travel Initiatives that your business can promote free
of charge to your staff
•Provide access to walking, cycling, public transport maps for staff (Travel
Information Packs)
• Assist with events to promote sustainable travel e.g. Momentum cycle challenge,
Car share days, walk to work week etc
•Look at specific transport issues to see if a bespoke solution can be implemented
for your business
Sustainable Area Wide Travel Network:
• From 1st April 2014 organisations in Bournemouth and along the A35 corridor (Poole,
Bournemouth, Christchurch) can join free of charge.
Member benefits:
• Work with member organisations to help identify and provide solutions to transport problems
• Provide a range of sustainable travel initiatives for members to promote to their employees :
Public Transport discounts
Personalised Travel Planning clinics
Discounts with local bike shops
Dr. Bike sessions
Promotion of efficient driving practice
Sustainable Travel Road shows
• Implement Travel Action Plans
• Recognition of the promotion of sustainable travel through awards for member organisations
• Aims to provide support to member organisations post LSTF projects
Jobcentre Plus Bike voucher (re-cycled bikes) scheme:
• Overcome the transport barriers to finding and staying in employment
• Working with Bournemouth and Winton Jobcentre Plus officers
• Bikes provided are all refurbished/recycled
• 7 Vehicles currently available in Bournemouth at strategic positions
• Further vehicles planned over the next 12 months
• Ideal for short journeys made during or after working hours
• Easy to book and use
• Competitive hourly and daily rates
• Reduces the number of cars per household?
Suzy Wheeler
07866 489 585
Three Towns Travel
Organisational Sustainable Travel Planning Initiatives
Richard Wintrip
Sustainable Travel Plan Officer (Mondays and Tuesdays)
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