PPT Presentation

Business Plan
 Identify Investment areas
 Risk v/s Return Analysis of Investments
 Optimize returns on Investments
 Transparency in Investments done
 Assured Returns
Investment Areas
 Properties (Land , Flat , Project)
 Direct Equity
 Debt Instruments
 Commodities
 Loan Against Shares
 Unlisted Company with the object to list it
 Buying & Selling of a Listed Company
 Partner with somebody in his Business
Risk v/s Return Analysis
 Investment in Properties
– Investment only in Property with Clear title and
Bank approved project
– Investment in Flat /Shop in Pre construction
stage (Time frame of Investment - 2 years)
– Buying of Land in growth expected areas (Time
frame of Investment – 3 years)
Direct Equity
 Investment in Direct Equity can be in
– Public Issues
– Shares where Buy back is announced
– Shares likely to announce Buy Back of shares
– Shares where Merger- De merger is announced / to be
– Shares with attractive valuation and available at
attractive rates in Bad Market days
– Rights Issues
Debt Instruments
 Investment in Debt Instruments can be in
– Listed Non Convertible Debentures
– Mutual Fund – Gilt Scheme
– Inter Corporate Deposits
– Fixed Deposits of Corporate
 Arbitrage opportunities in Agro & Non
Agro Commodities traded in MCX/
NCDEX/ National Spot Exchange
 News based Trading /Investment on very
selective basis
Loan Against Shares
 Clients to whom Loan will be given will be
strictly only if following conditions are met
– Client Directly known to us
– It will be secured with minimum 50% Margin
– Minimum Interest rate will be Bank Fixed
Deposit Rate +3% (Minimum 12%p.a.)
– Period of loan will be maximum 6 months
Unlisted Companies
 We will identify Company which is suspended
from trading and is likely to be removed from
suspension shortly
 In case Investment amount is big then we will
invite others for doing Investment on profit
sharing basis
 Investment period in such Companies will be of 1
year to 2 year
 Return expected will vary anywhere between 15%
p.a. to 18% p.a.
Buying & Selling of a listed
 If an opportunity exists where we have a buyer of
a listed Company and also a seller of a listed
Company then we will buy such Company first
and then sell
 In such case the Profit Margins will be high say
anywhere between 20% p.a. to 30% p.a.
 Also the period of Investment in such cases will
be lower say between 1 month to 3 months
 It will be risk free as Margins in some cases will
be collected from the prospective Buyer
Partnership in other Business
 This will be done on very selective business
 Normally it will be done only in following
types of business
School / Coaching
Trading in textiles
Imitation Jewellery
Antique Collection
Capital commitment
 Minimum Investment from each Investor
will have to Rs.10 lacs
 Minimum period for Investment will be
locked in will be 1 year ( so that Investment
decisions can be taken accordingly)
 Minimum Rs. 1 crore commitment from
your group of Investor
Our Fees
 Our Advisory Fees will be upfront 1%
 On return above 12% it will be shared as
– Return between 12% p.a. to 50% p.a.(25% of
Return in excess of 12%p.a.)
– Return above 50% p.a.( 50% of return in excess
of 50%p.a.
– In case of negative returns the same shall be
borne by the Investor
 Commitment of funds will have to be made
so that accordingly we can evaluate the
proposals with time frame
 If you wish to do not take any risk and want
to only lend us purely then we can give
Interest say anywhere between 9% to 12%
p.a. depending on the time frame
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