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IKEA Implementing Sustainable Practices
Mark Finnegan, Environment Specialist
[email protected]
IKEA Sustainability Overview
Sustainability?: a balance between social needs, environmental
protection and economic growth
IKEA Sustainability Direction: IKEA’s business should have an overall
positive impact on people & the environment
Sustainability Structure throughout the IKEA Group incl. procurement,
logistics, food, property, manufacturing, forestry and retail – sustainability
managers, specialists and co-ordinators.
IKEA Business Plan 2011
Sustainability is one of four key cornerstones in the IKEA business
IKEA Sustainability Current Projects
IKEA WAY: Social & environmental
protection – code of standard
IKEA Goes Renewable: Reducing CO2 &
utilising green energy
EMS Monitoring: Waste, energy, water,
non-car transport, community support
Never Ending List: Communication &
raising awareness
Local community & charity work
Environment & Recovery Dept. – waste
minimisation and waste management
IKEA Goes Renewable - Dublin
Ground source heating/cooling system – 158 bores, 90m deep, 65% carbon
reduction = energy savings for 300 homes
No oil or gas connection
Biomass Burner: 650kw – heat water & loading bay area = 24% carbon
Rainwater harvesting – UV treated & used for flushing toilets
IKEA Sustainability KPIs – 2011
• Waste: 90% recycle rate
• Energy: 10% reduction on 2010 total
• Transport: 25% of employees use
sustainable transport & 15% of
• 75% Recovery Index for damaged
products/packaging, ex-display and
customer returns
Sustainability results – Dublin 2010
• Waste: 91% recycle rate
• 80 tonnes of customer WEEE & packaging
take back
• Energy: 2010 (baseline year) buy green
• Transport: 47% of employees use sustainable
transport & 8% of customers
• 71% Recovery Index
• Planted 5 acres of native woodland in Fingal –
IKEA Family & Tree Council of Ireland
• 90% of employees completed sustainability
training (excl. induction)
Future Sustainability Focus
• Offer a range of products that are more
sustainable – Product Scorecard
• Take a lead role towards a low carbon society
– IGR, customer electric vehicle chargers…
• Turn waste into a resource eg Closing the
Loop project on furniture reuse
• Reduce our water footprint
• Take social responsibility
Thank You
‘Sustainability is our ultimate goal…We’re only at
the beginning of our journey towards a sustainable
IKEA range’
Thomas Bergmark
ex-Sustainability Manager
IKEA Group
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