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Rawdon Trust Land
• 220 acres
Bayton Lane
• Development partner sought
• Entered into 2012 SHLAA
• LCC entered parts of the
land into the 2011 SHLAA
Emmott Arms
Planning Process
Site Allocations
LCC Core
• Pool of potential development sites
• Updated annually
• Rawdon Trust land entered in 2012
• Defines land use until 2028
• Will require a Green Belt review
• Public consultation in winter 2012/13
• Strategy for Leeds until 2028
• States 66,000 new dwellings required in Leeds
• 2300 dwellings targeted for Aireborough
Green Belt Status
• Majority of land is Green Belt
• Section near Canada Road is
PAS land
• Green Belt status would
currently prevent a successful
planning application
Emmott Arms
RBAG Update
• Aim – “to protect the green belt status of Rawdon Billing and
associated land”
• LCC Green Belt Review due this Summer as part of LDF
• The land is under significant threat – pressure to meet housing
and employment targets
• 2 key objectives at present:
– to prepare a written submission to LCC outlining our ‘case’
– to publicise the threat and gather local support
Submission to LCC (i)
To support the continued Green Belt designation
Recent NPPF outlines 5 key purposes of Green Belt land
to check the unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas;
to prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another;
to assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment;
to preserve the setting and special character of historic towns; and
to assist in urban regeneration, by encouraging the recycling of derelict and
other urban land.
Rawdon Billing Green Belt continues to serve all of these
Arguably even more so since was first designated
Submission to LCC (ii)
• Critical role of Rawdon Billing as a ‘green asset’
– Physical role
– Socio-economic role
– Existence role
• Critical issues associated with loss of Green Belt
- Impact on road network
- Lack of public transport connectivity
- Impact on local service provision
What next?
• If Green Belt designation lost – likely to be allocated
in DPD
• Even if not allocated in DPD, planning permission for
major development could come forward
• RBAG will oppose any development on the land
• With Green Belt status the land remains ‘safe’ for
some time
• Increased emphasis on localism in planning
• We must act together and now – local support is
If you think you can help or would like to be
involved we want to hear from you…..
Either speak to one of the Action Group
Members or email: [email protected]
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