You must have following information to-hand before completing the Article... Request form. Contact email address.


You must have following information to-hand before completing the Article 11

Request form.

Contact email address.

Grid Reference (Eastings & Northings).

Site map, showing outline of site of proposed activity.

The Authorisation or Registration Number if you have existing authorisation i.e.

Waste/IPPC Licence, Waste Permit, Certificate of Registration.

The Reference Number if you have submitted a previous Article 11 request.

Description of Waste, including: o Solid or Liquid o European Waste Catalogue (EWC) Code o Annual intake in tonnes o Annual intake in litres o Source of Waste

 The amount, in tonnes and litres, of ‘residual waste’ remaining after recovery that is to be sent on for disposal.

 Whether ‘biological treatment’ is involved in the proposed activity.

For biological treatment processes, the quantity of biowaste, digestate and compost, as relevant, in tonnes and cubic metres that will be present at the facility at any one time.

For land deposition/reclamation/restoration activities, the amount of waste (in tonnes) to be deposited over the operational lifetime of the activity.

Information related to Planning – planning reference number or evidence of exemption.

Information on Designated Sites, where applicable (e.g. Special Areas of

Conservation, Special Protection Areas, Ramsar sites, Natural Heritage Areas).

Information should include: o Site Name o Site Code

Confirmation as to whether or not the site of the proposed activity is in, or next to, a wetland.