The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum
of Halicarnassus
The purpose for the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
was to be a tomb for the famous satrap, governor,
Mausolus. It was also a tomb for Artemisia II of Caria
(she was the sister and the wife of Mausolus). When
Mausolus died, Artemisia decided to build him a great
tomb. She died two years later. They were both
cremated and placed in urns, in the tomb.
To the left, is
To the right, is
Artemisia II of Caria.
The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is located in
the city of Bodrum. It is on edge of southwest Turkey. It is also on the shore of the
Aegan sea.
Artemisia wanted this tomb to be
extravagant. She did not care what the
costs were. She had Greek sculptors and
architects come to build. These builders
included Leochares, Bryaxis, Scopas, (also
was the sculptor for the third building of
Temple of Artemis) and Timotheus. There
were also hundreds of others helping
these well known builders.
The Architecture
The whole structure was in a large courtyard.
There was a large flat stone with the temple in
the center. The total height was 45 meters. On
the entrance there was a lion statue on each
side. Along the outside there were many statues
of gods and goddesses. The tomb was made of
marble. On the top section there were 36 tall
and thin columns. Behind the columns there was
the tomb. There were statues of four large
horses pulling a chariot with the images of
Mausolus and Artemisia.
An earthquake did a
lot of damage to the
structure. Then the
Knights of St John of
Rhodes invaded and
they destroyed the
rest of the remains.
They used the
remains to build the
Bodrum Castle.
In the photo below, shows the
Bodrum Castle that had recycled
stones from the Mausoleum.
353 BC – The start of construction, also the death of
351 BC – Artemisia died
350 BC – The end of construction
62 BC – Pirates raided the tomb, but it was left undamaged
58 BC – Pirates raided again and the tomb was still in tact
1404 AD – A numerous amount of earthquakes hit and only
the bottom of the structure was left
1494 AD - The Knights of St John of Rhodes attacked and
took remains. They used these remains in the building of the
Bodrum Castle
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