the qin and han dynasties rountable - Har

 When
it is your turn to read your answer,
r-e-a-d s-l-o-w-l-y! You may have to
repeat your answer.
 Spell out names.
 If you are not reading, YOU ARE
LISTENING! You will be sent to Siberia
if you cannot follow this rule.
 No rude interruptions.
Basic Relationships:
• Ruler & Subject
• Father & Son
• Husband & Wife
• Older Brother &
Younger Brother
• Friend & Friend
 Daoism
• The natural order is
more important than
the social order
• A universal force
guides all things
• Human beings should
live simply and in
harmony with nature
 Legalism
• A highly efficient and
powerful government
is the key to social
• Punishments are useful
to maintain social
• Thinkers and their
ideas should be
strictly controlled by
the government
 First
 Used Legalism
because he wanted to
control ideas so he
could have unlimited
 Murdered Confucius
 Built Great Wall
 Terra Cotta Statues
guarded his tomb
 Highway
of 4,000 miles of roads
 Set standards for writing, currency, and
weights and measurements
 Standards for vehicle wheel axels so
wheels could fit in ruts on roads
 Over
worked the people on the Great
Wall and his tomb
 Very Paranoid of assassination attempts
 Apparently died from mercury pills
 Peasants rebelled just two years after 2nd
Emperor took power
 Began the Han Dynasty
 First
Han was overthrown by Wang Mang
 Wang Mang was assassinated
 New Han Dynasty started by member of
old imperial family
 Social, political, and economic
weaknesses of the 2nd Han led to downfall
 Disintegrated into 3 rival kingdoms