Womb to Tomb
(An Odyssey of Gender)
K. Chandramouli, IAS
Thus spake the foetus :
Why were you taken to a Doctor today?
To know whether I am going to be a male
or female child ?
What if I am going to be a female?
What if your whole family forces you to
abort me?
Will your sweet home turn into a
heinous crime dungeon,
Promise me a few things,
Infant cries:
Did the doctor say it is too late for abortion?
Therefore, you allowed me to survive?
But if I am born, will your mother in law not
push paddy grains in to my tender throat?
Foeticide could have been painless, but as an
infant I will suffer pain, please decide!
If I am to be born, will you ensure institutional
delivery, your breast milk, immunization, health
Please do them all as was done to my brother
I can stand the whole world discriminate, but
you please don’t
Child wails :
Wasn’t it the same day I was born last year?
I don’t want any celebrations
But give me your warm embrace and hide me from
those demons…….
Child mortality
Child labour
Child abuse
And can you ward off all of them by continuing me in
an anganwadi and then in school?
Adolescent curses:
I am anaemic,
I see more food in brother’s plate, when I am
more hungry than him
I am pulled out of school and thrown in to child
Please change me out of that work…..
the jackal there may whisk me away for
traficking and
then to Commercial Sex Work
And after, for no fault of mine, I can be a victim
Adult woman sobs :
As a worker:
This work place is not safe,
My lone friend was sexually abused and she
is not to be seen now,
I am discriminated in wages, employment and
with unfriendly tools,
As a wife:
Why have you married me off so early,
You suffered early marriage, knew the perils,
but didn’t stop mine
My in-laws harass, husband beats up,
demand more dowry, I don’t get enough to eat,
I cant call any asset as mine, but can only be in
drudgery of unpaid care work and farm work, I
can be the victim of polygamy and sati,
If I resist any one of them, I may be divorced or
even killed,
As a pregnant woman:
Tell me maa, why am I anaemic,
I have a baby shaping in me though I am not
ready to be a mother,
I am the last at home to eat, if there is anything
I don’t know whether I would be taken to an
institution for delivery,
And I don’t know whether my baby would also
ask me the same questions I am now asking you,
Older women cant even cry
(tears also dried out):
If I survive all this, I reach a more vulnerable age,
only to fall sick, to be a widow, a destitute,
all my children have flown away, for they all got
And there is one place beckoning me…….
Maa! Are you listening?
Why are you silent?
Promise me that all that I fear will not
happen, only then shall I