Anuchit Jayapipat

MSW Technology
Anuchit Jayapipat
3 July 2014
Anuchit Jayapipat
3 July 2014
MSW Technology
MSW Management
1) Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT)
2) Landfill
MSW Technology for Energy Recovery
1) Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT)
- Production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)
- Anaerobic Digestion
- Incineration
- Gasification and Pyrolysis
- Plasma arc gasification
2) Landfill
- Landfill Gas Recovery
Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
The average waste produced
per population in Thailand is
around 0.7-1.2 Kg/day and
the average is around 0.8
Kg/day and will be increased
as the per capital income
growth in the future.
MSW Materials Segregation Plant
Typical Compositions of MSW
Segregation of MSW for Energy Recovery
The Solid (MSW) will be processed by mechanical equipment and manual
to separate recycle materials such as plastics, papers, metals, non
combustible and combustible materials and organic materials.
-Plastics, papers and metal will be recycled
-Non combustible materials will be land-filled
-Combustible materials will be used as energy sources
-Organic materials can be fermented by anaerobic digestion to
produce biogas or aerobic digestion to produce fertilizer
The combustible materials can be processed to make RDF or
SRF for selling as fuel to other industry such as cement plant,
steel industrial plant or power plant or use in thermal
treatment to produce power.
The heating values of RDF or SRF are ranging from 18 to 25
Components of Solid Waste in Thailand
The conversion of technology to produce heat, power and
synthetic fuels from MSW
RDF Gasification
RDF Pyrolysis
Pyrolysis Products at
different operating
The produced fuel oil can also be used in the
low or medium speed diesel engine to generate
Plasma Arc Gasification
Anaerobic digestion for organic wastes of MSW
Two Stages Anaerobic Digester System
Biological Stages of
Anaerobic Digestion
Comparison of Energy Production from MSW by Various Technologies
The pyrolysis and gasification for MSW
technologies are proven and many
plants recently have been installed
more than the Incineration technology
due to less complication to clean the
flue gas, cheaper investment, higher
efficiency in generating heat and
power. The Plasma arc gasification
technology still under pilot scale
testing and not commercially proven.
Recommendation for MSW Management