State Home Per Diem 2014 IPERIA Audit Status Update

State Home Per Diem
2014 IPERIA Audit Status Update
• Improper Payment Elimination Recovery and
Improvement Act (IPERIA) Requirements
• Conduct high-risk program testing
• Conduct statistically relevant audit
• Determine error rate, category of errors and
root causes of errors
• Report audit findings in Progress
Accountability Report (PAR)
IPERIA Requirements (con’t)
• Identify recoverable improper payments
• Collection target is 85% of total recoverable
improper payments
• Track corrected under payments
• Track and report collected amount of
• Develop Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) to
reduce improper payment rate
2014 State Home Per Diem
IPERIA Audit – Completed Tasks
• High Risk Testing of SH program.
• Hire/train SH audit staff.
• Audit Sample size of 463 identified from
universe including all State Homes.
• Supporting documentation (10-10 SH, 1010EZ, eligibility documents) gathered from
sites and consolidated on CBO share point
2014 State Home Per Diem
IPERIA Audit – In Progress
• Audit in Progress – 37% completed
• Weekly technical reviews held to discuss audit
• Review audit errors – identify payment errors
and compliance errors.
• Compliance errors are process errors that do
not result in an improper payment.
2014 State Home Per Diem
IPERIA Audit – Next Steps
• Complete State Home audit by EOM April.
• Present audit findings at Audit Review
Committee – May ‘14
• State Home Program Staff to determine
Corrective Action Plans(CAP’s) to reduce
improper payments – May ‘14
• Address CAP’s in PAR – June ‘14
• Monitor implementation of CAP’s/Collect
improper payments – Sept/Oct ‘14
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