Case Study PPT

A Case Study
The Comona Farm near the
town of Helgen was well known
for its superior strawberry fruits
and products. Helgen is a mining
town, mainly focusing on the
extraction of a variety of metals
and minerals. For the last 20
years, both the mine and the
Comona Farm were famous for
their high productivity and
After a long day of labor on
the strawberry farm, a few
friends from the work crew
gathered at a well for a welldeserved drink of water.
Roger, Eddy, and Brianna
each took turns drinking from
the well while Vlad drank
from his canteen. After some
good laughter about the last
Superbowl play that ended in
failure, the four friends split
and went home.
Later that week during a shift, Roger,
Eddy, and Brianna were working
much more slowly than usual. They
were complaining of abdominal pains
and nausea. All three were suffering
symptoms such as emesis, delirium,
and black water urine. It wasn’t a
pleasant day for either one of them.
The next day, Vlad found himself
alone for his shift that he usually
worked along with his three
friends. He called all three of them
but no one answered. After a few
more days of their absence and
failure to answer their phones,
Vlad worriedly called the police to
search for his friends.
The authorities eventually
found all of Vlad’s friends.
Unfortunately, they were all
deceased in their homes.
Soon after, more farmers
started missing their shifts
for work.
Symptoms Exhibited By Most Victims:
Black Water Urine
Shortness of breath/rapid
Emesis (Vomiting)
Most deaths were very
rapid, occurring within a
few hours of the symptoms.
Autopsy Report
 Immediate cause of death was
hypoxia (suffocation or lack of
 Tissue sections from the heart,
lung, kidney, and liver all show
massive cell death.
 Staining with specific dyes
showed major mitochondrial
damage within the affected
 Oxygen levels in the patients’
blood were approximately
115mm Hg (normal range is 75100mm Hg).
ATP Analysis
 A more detailed analysis of the cells from the
farmers hearts showed that ATP levels were
very low in the mitochondria.
In addition, AcetylCoenzyme A levels were less
than normal. In fact, AcetylCoA was entirely absent from
the victims.
Part 1: (Sub-cellular Analysis)
Using a new chromatographic technology, various
levels of sub-cellular components of the heart cells
were obtained.
Key highlights of the report were listed below.
Autopsy Finding
Normal Levels
99 μmol
100 μmol
115 μmol
25 μmol
0 μmol
15 μmol
49 μmol
50 μmol
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