Hurricane/Earthquake/Tsunami Catastrophic Plans

Catastrophic Plans
CRRT Meetings July 2014
Marie González
R2 CAD Response
All-Hazards Plan / Annex Integration
State/ Hazard
All Hazards Base Plan
Standard Annexes
Annex A Command, Control,
Annex B Threat Assessment
Annex L
New Jersey
Annex C Concept of Operations
Annex M
New York
Annex N
Puerto Rico
Annex D Logistics
Annex N-1
PR Earthquake
Annex F: External Affairs
Annex K Communications,
Computers and Coordination
Annex X Execution Checklist
Annex Y Acronyms/ Resources
Specific Tactics,
Annex N-2
PR Tsunami
Annex O: USVI
Annex O-1
USVI Earthquake/Tsunami
Caribbean Earthquakes
November 18, 1867
20 days after the Island was devastated
by Hurricane San Narciso, a strong
earthquake occurred with an
approximate magnitude of 7.5 on the
Richter Scale. The epicenter was located
in the Anegada Passage, between Puerto
Rico and St. Croix, Virgin Islands. The
earthquake produced a tsunami that
ran inland almost 150 meters (490 feet)
in the low parts of the coast of Yabucoa.
This quake caused damage in numerous
buildings on the Island, especially in the
eastern zone
October 11, 1918
The epicenter was located northwest of
Aguadilla in the Mona Canyon (between
Puerto Rico and the Dominican
Republic). This earthquake had an
approximate magnitude of 7.5 on the
Richter scale and was accompanied by a
tsunami ("tidal" wave) which got up to
6 meters (19.5 feet) high. Damage was
concentrated in the western area of the
Island because this was the closest zone
to the earthquake. The earthquake
killed about 116 people and caused
more than 4 million dollars of damage.
Numerous houses, factories, public
buildings, chimneys, bridges and other
structures suffered severe damage.
1867 USVI Earthquake
Phased Response - Core Capabilities
Enable Rapid and Effective Response
• Situational Assessment
• Public Messaging
• Command, Control, & Coordination
• Critical Communications
• Environmental Health & Safety
• Critical Transportation
• Planning
Survivor Needs
On-Scene Security and Protection
Mass Search and Rescue Operations
Health and Medical Treatment
Mass Care Services
Public & Private Services & Resources
Stabilize and Repair Essential
Fatality Management Services
Planning Assumptions and
Critical Considerations
•RRCC will be activated and operational 120 hours
before onset of tropical storm force winds
•FEMA Liaison Officers deploy to Territory and
Commonwealth Emergency Operations Centers
(EOCs) 96 hours before the onset of tropical storm
force winds or when requested
FEMA Region II Hurricane Annex for
Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
Draft for Review – April 2014
•FEMA Region II will establish an interim operating
facility (IOF) within theater 72 hours before tropical
storm winds.
•New York-based IMAT will deploy to US Virgin
Islands and Caribbean Area Division IMAT will work
with the Government of Puerto Rico.
•The Federal response will be scalable and tailored to
the severity of the incident .
This following are highlights operational
considerations for the Caribbean Hurricane
• Limits in Weather Forecasting
• Travel/Lodging Restrictions
• Resource Movement/Staging
• Limited Ability to Evacuate
• Evacuation Routes May be Overwhelmed
• Interdependencies Between Shelters and
Transportation Complications
Eight (8) Working Groups:
1. Sea and Air Ports Assessment,
Opening and Operating
John Kapsimalis
Sonny Beauchamp
David Heitner
Activation of Air/Sea Operational
Plans in order to support:
Search and Rescue
Critical Staff Needs
Medical Evacuation
Re-Openning of Sea Ports using Pre-Scripted
Mission Assignment (PSMA)
Joint Logistics Over The Shore (JLOTS)
2. Survivor Sheltering, Feeding and
3.Commodities Distribution/Staging
4.Search and Rescue Operations
Marie E. González
Eduard Tait
PSMA are in place for
Disaster Medical
Assistance Teams
(DMATs), Disaster
Mortuary Operational
Response Teams
(DMORTs) and Disaster
Veterinary Emergency
Teams (DVETs).
DRAFT /Puerto Rico
National Veterinary Stockpile Plan
May 2014
DRAFT /U.S. Virgin Islands
National Veterinary Stockpile Plan
May 2014
6.Responders Support/Billeting
7.Power Generation
8.Debris Management
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