Hugh MacLeman Presentation

How to include and empower
the vulnerable
in disaster risk reduction
Hugh MacLeman, Special Advisor, British Red Cross
ODI, 25 November 2014
Links between
poverty and
disaster risk
> Up to 325 million extremely poor people living in
the 49 most hazard exposed countries by 2030
> Poverty reduction as a component of risk
 Vulnerability and exposure to hazards
 Poverty as a driver of disaster risk
> Disaster risk reduction as a component of
poverty reduction
 Disaster resilience and poverty
Poverty and
disasters in
> Post-2015 framework for DRR
 Focus on vulnerable countries but not on people living in
 Moving from resilience to risk prevention and risk
reduction may have a more positive impact for the poor
> World Humanitarian Summit
 Recognises the increasing number of poor people in
hazard prone environments and differentiates urban and
rural poor
> Post-MDGs / Social Development Goals
 Considers a broader set of hazards with a more
nuanced understanding of poverty
Poverty and
Gaps and
> Context-specific and differentiated understanding of
both disasters and poverty
> Increased understanding of the interaction between
disaster risk reduction and poverty reduction
> Recognising both the opportunities and the
limitations of people’s engagement in decision
making processes
> Strengthening coherence with both the proposed
sustainable development goals and the World
Humanitarian Summit dialogue
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