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Reducing Child Poverty in
Huntingdon North Ward
Huntingdonshire Area Partnership
Poverty Sub Group
Reducing Child Poverty
A Priority for the Area Partnership
Why Huntingdon North Ward?
32% children are growing up in poverty
Ranks high on a range of indicators for poverty
– Low income and benefit claims, including Free School
– Lone parents
– Under 18 conception
– First time offenders
– Domestic violence
– Drug and alcohol use
– Low educational attainment and aspirations
Big Feet Little Feet
Aim: To engage parents and carers in their children’s
Parental engagement in children’s learning before age 7 can
improve attainment outcomes
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Participation in arts activities increases confidence,
commitment, attendance, communication and literacy skills,
tolerance and understanding
Vital Communities
Joining it up
people in
crisis (loans, food
bank, clothing bank,
furniture projects, debt
advice & support groups,
mental health support,
family support)
Preventing the
crisis (credit unions,
budgeting courses, debt &
benefits advice, tackling
fuel poverty, affordable
transport, social projects
to reduce isolation)
people into
work (advice &
guidance, training,
volunteering, business
start up advice)
Additional Support
• Sub-group -organisations and individuals
with an interest in and commitment to
working to reduce poverty and the impact
of welfare reform
• No budget
• Co-ordinating what’s available; sharing
information and resources; identifying
where support can be embedded within
existing work
What have we achieved?
• Mapping and co-ordination of local
• Explored the impact of Welfare
Reform on local people
• The Ticking Time Bomb
• Action Plan
The Ticking Time Bomb
• Good attendance
• Excellent feedback
• Countless conversations
and agreements to work
Delivery within Existing Budgets
• Food Bank, Community Shop, Furniture
Project - voucher scheme
• Directory of Services and Top Tips
• Cooking on a Budget
• Money Management and Debt Advice
• Illegal Money Lending Campaign
• Community Legal Advice
• Drop-in help and advice in the
• Keeping ourselves and staff up-todate
• Expand food based projects
• Employability and practical projects
• Money Management
Why has this initiative worked?
Local Focus
Willingness to share and work in partnership